Back to school, I can image some parents are doing a special happy dance while others may shed a tear as little ones start grade school and big ones head off to college. For those with school age children back to school means more than just getting them ready for the challenges of a new academic year but for most of us it means getting back into a routine.

Routines can be key when it comes to an exercise regimen, losing weight and getting healthier. When we have a routine it helps us to perform better. We know what to expect with our daily schedule which helps us prepare. We have an idea what time we are hitting the gym, in the  morning, during lunch or during junior’s football practice as we walk or jog around the field.

So as the kids are going back to school so are we, but not literally in our case! Gone are the dog days of summer, time to get back into your routine and get going! Remember, one of the best ways to reach your goals is to have a consistent routine.

See you in the gym!


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