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Football in my house is king from August to February, who am I kidding its king all year round!!! The games, the tailgating, the hype!

Pro’s, College, Friday night lights, Middle school and Saturday Pop Warner games. I am all in!

I am also BIG on Fantasy Football, so if you need some tips hit me up. In my favorite league I’m back to back runner up (always a bridesmaid in this league with 14 teams) but bringing home championships in my others. I’m in 3 this year, I got to win at least 1!

When picking your fantasy team you have to have the right combo, right positions, right game day studs who will show up to help you get the W! It’s critical having that one player that will show up and out on Monday night when the lights are on and your down in points. Don’t sleep one wrong pick and instead of fantasy championship you are playing for the fantasy toilet bowl aka worse team bowl. So remember when picking your team it’s all about consistency. Oh for the record you thought I was still giving fantasy football tips! Naw,  I’ve moved on to our next Hype4Life challenge: but the same rules apply. You pick your friends, coworkers, neighbors any team of 4 vs my 4 and hands down were handing out L’s. So start doing your research and add your friends, your A-Team,ateam

the guy you see at the gym in the morning, the neighbor who walks daily or the coworker who needs to get out of the office more. Pick right but know this, it doesn’t matter who your 4 is, our 4: JP, EZ, Rozay & Myself(Rev) got this hands down.. While our hands are down In the modified wise words of John Cena, “you can’t see us!”

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