In this context “Zone Busters” are events that happen in our lives that get us out of our happy/joyous/life is good zone. It could be anything. For the parents out there, our kiddos actions/behaviors are always high on the list. For the wives out there, it’s probably about 75% of whatever your husband does! For the husbands out there, once or twice a year MAYBE something the wife does gets you out of your zone! 🙂 For me, one of my biggest zone busters is when my own indecisiveness! It seems to come on in spurts. Usually I have a pretty clear idea of what I should do but there are times when it seems to take forever to figure things out. For example, my youngest son and I are having some challenges with football. On the one hand, I know it’s just football but on the other hand, he is doing some things that are wrong from a heart perspective and that’s hard for me to swallow. He probably doesn’t realize it since he is only 7 but I feel like it’s my responsibility to do some things to help him understand. However, I don’t want to embarrass him or turn him away from football or other sports. At this moment in time it feels like a very slippery slope so I am trying to work my way through it. When it’s all said and done, I doubt I will ever know if I got it right but I can be satisfied with taking my time and thinking it through in hopes of the right outcome. My point, yes believe it or not, I do have one. 😉 My point is even though I can’t control the outcome, I can trust my process. Even though it’s not fun for me and it takes me out of my zone, I know it will give me a good shot at getting it right. Trust and lean on the things/people in your lives that give you the best shot at getting it right even if they take you out of your zone from time to time. If you continue to work at it you will eventually become more resilient to the outside shots against your zone and really only find yourself affected by penetration into the heart of the zone. Yes that is a basketball analogy but it’s also a perfect parallel to our lives! Keep your Grind Proper and stay Hype4Life fam! -jp


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