From August to November I spend much of my time volunteering as a 8U(8 years and Under) football coach in Wake Forest NC. Some of the purest laughs and tear jerkers happen working with this age group and this sport. The season ended with a winning record of 7-1, which concluded with smiles and tears of joy.

When it comes to Winning the battle over our health and losing weight we are already at a disadvantage. Why? Because it is so much easier to destroy something than to build. Think about an old building that’s being demolished and with one swoop or press of a button it’s ruined. Destroying always happens quicker than building, this is true in every area in our lives including in our diet. Just imagine a few cookies ends up being 300-400 calories and those sugar/fat calories we all know stay on you longer. Now imagine that for like 3 days! You can almost negate a whole weeks workout!

Ok you get the picture.

During this current challenge it’s been about team. Allowing a group to hold you accountable to work out better, eat better, drink better, which helps us enjoy life better. Two is always better than 1. When 1 fails the other can pick him/her up, add a third and man that group will be hard to break!

As thanksgiving approaches get your workout and eating right because we all know that 1 day can cause some serious problems…

Get with your team, come up with a plan for your team and execute consistently and watch things change.

To Wake Forest Alpha Dogs 8U I am glad to be your coach, to my brothers (the other coaches) let’s do it again!!!

Coach Rev

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