Do you think it’s possible for us(anyone reading this) to step back and get a fresh take on the holidays? I wonder what could happen if we got less excited about bagging online deals and got more excited about getting out and experience the holiday hustle. Not because we have to. Not because there are better deals in the stores. What if it was because we are truly thankful for what we have and the opportunities we have to experience the holiday season together… with brotherly love! Imagine if you could stroll through you favorite stores with a joyous heart. With your heart filled with appreciation for such incredible places to shop and people to share the rare holiday air of thanks and love. If you weren’t jaded by news stories FOCUSED on the small percentage of chaos and drama that has occurred. What if… actually you know what… I challenge you to do your best to experience the 2015 holiday season with a joyful heart. The kind of joy that leads you to notice the people with smiles on their faces and appreciation in there bones because they get it. They understand that genuine thankfulness has everything to do with what’s on our minds and in our hearts with every action we take. I challenge you to SLOW DOWN and EXPERIENCE the the rare holiday air. Leave the bitter at home and take the sweet with you everywhere you go! Turn your short, on the move “thank you” into a sincere and heart felt “thank you so much” as you pay for you latte and scone. My challenge to you is to experience this holiday season through a different filter. Let’s call it the #hype4lifefilter. A filter that is intended to reveal one very simple but important thought. A thought that warms my heart when ever I hear my boys refer to it in only ways they can… “Yeah daddy. That would be nice but it’s okay if we don’t get it because we already have more than we need.” I know they don’t get it entirely just yet, but hearing that gets me HYPE and gives me hope that they will master it way better than I have and the world will be a better place because if it. Happy Holidays! -jp

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