Things happen in our lives to refocus us, remind us that we are responsible for our values, how we spend our time, the words we speak, the things we share, and even the way we think about things.

As I came to an intersection this morning, a truck coming from the other direction was waiting to turn left. As I was slowing down to stop, the driver of the truck was waving me through. When I eventually stopped, he decided to go ahead and make his left turn but I could tell he was upset and frustrated that I didn’t take him up on his offer to pass through the intersection before he turned. Initially, I took exception to how he reacted because I couldn’t pass through the intersection because my light was red. I am guessing he must have had a leading green and thought I had one too. As I started getting wound up about his reaction, I realized that he probably didn’t realize my light was red and I couldn’t pass. I quickly calmed down and started thinking about this type of situation. As we interact with people in our lives, we often have expectations as to what they should do. How they should respond. This little traffic event reminded me that it’s not about my expectations. I don’t always have the whole picture. Instead it should be about staying committed to doing what’s right in our hearts, no matter how often interactions with other challenge that. All these thoughts were then reinforced by what happened when I got to work.

Shortly after I arrive at work, an EMS truck arrives and the staff enters my building. I see coworkers taking notice as I am getting prepared for my meeting. Right before I head to my meeting my buddy tells me EMS in here for someone I know. I say a prayer and head to my meeting thinking/hoping it’s not too serious. After the meeting, I get an email from a different buddy. I come to find out CPR was involved and the statement “we just learned he has a pulse” was included! I now realize how serious this is. My mind drifts back to yesterday afternoon when I was at the gym chatting with someone who is now fighting for his life! See there are many a days that I get discouraged. My H4L grind is about encouraging people to realize the value in improved health and fitness. Many a times I fail. The people I try to reach don’t change. Their routine stays the same. Their value system stays the same. They don’t eat any better. They don’t exercise consistently. They continue to give precious minutes of their lives to things that when it boils down to it, just aren’t as important. Sometimes a part of me loses confidence when this happens and I start to wonder if this is how I should be spending my time. UNTIL… days like today remind me, it’s not about me. It’s not about those people I don’t reach. Perhaps I am just a stepping stone for them to do better down the road. Most importantly, it’s not about my gratification or the number of people I see change. It’s about not giving up and continuing to take opportunities to change lives. No matter how big or small that change is, it matters. It can be the difference, and may have already been the difference, between a normal day at the office and a fight for life in the local hospital. So, if you are rockin’ or have rocked with HYPE4LIFE, thank you for the opportunity to make a difference.

So what are we holding on to? Are we holding onto the reflections from events like those that happened today or are our hands already too full? I know as time passes on, the reflections from today’s events will fade, but I hope to hold onto them as long as I can. I can’t control how the guy at the intersection feels or what happens to my buddy today. However, I can control my emotions, my prayers, my drive to live HYPE4LIFE and my motivation to encourage YOU to do the same! Let’s do it fam!!! -jp


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