What’s your Tell


Have you ever watched or played poker? Players try to deceive one another. Sometimes the deception can be revealed if the player has a “tell” – a twitch, mannerism, or change that shows deception. I recently realized I have a tell of the amount of goolosh I eat.


I travel quite a bit this time of year. My time in the car often involves a meal and postgame snack. I start the season with the best of intentions and habits. Pack a lean sandwich, some fruit, carrots, maybe a protein shake. Unfortunately, bad habits, more goolosh starts to creep into the ride. Why, because it is so easy to grab that bag of chips while gasing-up the car. Because no prep time is needed on my part to grab something from Bojangles.

This brings me back to the tell. No, it is not the moving of the belt to a different hole. Not the need to inhale before putting on pants. The tell comes before all of that. For me, it was the crumbs in my car. The untidy. Bojangles fries have that delicious seasoned salt that goes everywhere. Floor mats, center console, seats. Carrot sticks, an apple, or protein shakes don’t leave the same type of mess.

When I open my car door, the state of my car is a play by play of my eating choices. A clean car means good choices. The crumbs are a forensic CSI goldmine of goolosh. They stand as a reminder that I need to clean it. I grab my vacuum and my bag of carrots and start anew.

What’s your tell?





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