Being around my kids and some of their friends for the holidays got me to thinking. As the kids were hanging out playing together, one thing quickly became apparent. They spent a lot of time focusing on the wrong things. They expected everyone else to do things their way.  They were consumed with getting the coolest Nerf gun, making the rules, and winning each game. As a result, they spent more time talking\discussing\arguing\pouting\whining than they did having fun and enjoying their time together.  After hearing this happen over and over again, I soon realized this may be a lesson that we all need to be reminded of! What better time to refocus than the beginning of a new year!

Hype fam… let’s stay connected and focused so that we can ALL WIN 2016! Let’s help one another focus on the right things! Let’s not get overly distracted with setting the rules! Let’s just get in and play the game of better health and fitness together! Let’s have fun playing and sharing our experiences! Let’s invite others to join us and follow our lead! Let’s not make it complicated! Let’s make WINNING 2016 about what we do instead of what we get in return! Translating that into something very specific that many of us struggle with… Let’s make our better health and fitness journey about becoming more consistent at making better food choices and being active/working out (what we do) instead of how many pounds we are able to lose (what we get in return)! Most of the time if you can do the right things for the right reasons long enough, you will get the right results. Here’s to a very joyous, prosperous, and hype 2016 fam!!! –jp


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