We recently announced our latest and greatest Get Lean Challenge. We have a couple of new twists to enhance and improve the challenge. We even hope you claim your “Hype Awesomeness”. Hmmm, have I got you interested?



Hype Awesomeness. Sounds a little vague, maybe even a little cheesy(corny?), but it represents the foundations of H4L.

HYPE- We help people become better people by encouraging them to meet their goals. The hype portion of this is not the goal. It is the commitment one makes to oneself and being excited about it. How cool is that? Being able to say, ” self, we are going to do this!”  It’s all about the actions, the struggles, the perseverance that are hype… it is a journey.

During this journey, we try to make it fun with a little competition. But within this competition is a team. This is where the Awesomeness hits me.

AWESOMENESS- It comes from the teamwork and family aspect of the challenge. I help my team win by getting in my proper nutrition and workout. I can also help my team by motivating teammates. Maybe share my struggles, my successes, my smoothie recipe. Maybe invite someone to a workout. What is more cool, than helping someone else?!

This is the foundation of H4L. Let’s get HYPE and find our AWESOMENESS together.


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