One morning as I’m dragging in the gym trying to get started, I see Hi-C aka Brooke Fortson, in the gym. During my brief momment with her, she mentioned one word that I needed to get me going. That word was reset. (Thanks Hi-C)

Ok we’re at the end of February. Let’s be transparent. How many of you between January 1 and now have already had a few weight resolution setbacks?
I’ve had a few:
Those girls scout cookies are the devil!
Ok when I’m cornered by those little eyes. “Would you like to buy some…”. Before they can finish, I’m like “um give me two thin mints and one yeah those peanut butter ones and one shortbread”. I have all boys so when a little girl rings the doorbell I’m done. My wife is like in February you don’t need to answer the door.

My other setback happen on Super bowl Sunday. Just those two obstacles can slow you down as your trying to build momentum towards your goals.

Here is a simple suggestion on dealing with your setbacks. Just Hit Reset!

After Super Bowl Sunday there is a restart needed on Monday. In fact many of us are disciplined Monday through Friday but the weekends are rough. Until you’re more disciplined just Hit Reset on Monday. Maybe we can start calling Monday “Reset Monday”.

Just start over. I think I’ve hit the reset button several times this year already and if needed I’ll do it again until I reach my goals. Just think one day one of those resets will be all you need to keep going.

Don’t forget to signup for our Next Get Lean Challenge. Last day to join is March 7th… just in time for “Reset Monday”! -Rev

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