Even though I try to stay on my proper health and fitness grind throughout the year, there are times when the stars seems to align and it feels much easier for me to keep it proper. I think we are coming up on one of those times! I have always been a warm weather guy and the weather here in NC is slowly starting to heat up.  My schedule isn’t as busy right now. I am done coaching basketball teams for my 7 and 10 year old sons so I have more time in the evenings. Plus, Monday, March 7th is the start of our first Get Lean Challenge of the year!!! Perfect timing for me. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, this year I am going into the challenge with a master plan! During the challenge we keep a running leader board so that participants can see up to date team scores, their team rank, and their overall rank. I usually find myself in the top 5 or so BUT THIS YEAR, with my MASTER PLAN, I think I can take the top spot!!! Yeah boy!!!! (Flava Flav voice)



  • Keep breakfast easy and mobile. Coffee. Protein bar or oatmeal with nuts and banana.
  • Hit the low sodium V8 or alternative vegetable drink to get that extra vegetable point with breakfast. (suggestions welcome)
  • Breakfast for lunch/dinner. One of my favorite breakfast foods is the veggie scramble. Peppers, onions, spinach, and sometimes ham (guess then it’s a ham and veggie scramble) all mixed in with scrambled eggs or egg whites. It’s easy to prepare! I can cook it up the night before and bring it in for lunch or cook it up for dinner a couple nights per week.
  • Can you say chicken tacos! You can also go ground turkey or lean ground beef for tacos. Three ways to prepare the same meal. That’s like three different meals.
  • Chicken tortilla soup! My wife just found a recipe I like. We can mix in different veggies and spices to get different flavors from the same dish!
  • Make morning workouts a priority AGAIN! Morning workouts have been a struggle ever since my achilles tear 8 months ago. Getting a good sweat in the mornings is a MUST!
  • Make getting in a second workout/activity a priority. This is one of the cool things about the challenge. You have more reason to be ACTIVE. You don’t have to spend your days locked up in a gym. You can go for a walk. Shoot some hoops with the kids. Organize a soccer or football game. Just get up off your hindparts and be active!
  • Sip down a 40 before lunch son! 40 ounces of water that is! Cashing in those water points is a must!
  • Start every Saturday and Sunday with a workout! I find that I get sluggish on the weekends because that’s usually when I take days off.
  • Win the weekday goolosh game! (Goolosh is our term for unhealthy foods. -1 point per serving.) Keep it at -2 or better. If I go over that, make it premeditated. No giving in to impulse cravings!
  • Manage the weekend goolosh by not allowing myself goolosh before dinner. If I give in before dinner, 99% of the time things will get ugly! Again, if I must go in early, make it premeditated!
  • Know that’s it’s better to eat meals at home, even if I have to grab a snack to hold me till a late dinner.

So there you have it!!! What do you think? Are you going to be able to take me down in the challenge? I don’t think so! Go ahead and sign on up for the challenge and come get you some!! -jp


4 thought on “JP’S MASTER PLAN”

  1. Carey says:

    Me likes! Suggestion for veggies in the morning – I’ve done a handful of baby carrots & previously cut celery. No fuss, no muss!

    1. hype4lifefam says:

      Carrots I can manage but celery my taste buds are not a fan off!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I make smoothies with a ton of spinach in it for more veggies in the morning…i use avocado and frozen fuits sometimes almond milk..keep it simple and full of nutrients
    I wish i could eat eggs but they make me sick…bc scrambles are so easy and yummy
    Also, my sister adds lentils into cooked meats when she makes sauces or chili so its less meat…healthy alternative and cant tell the difference

    1. Anonymous says:

      This is Erin, forgot to put my name lol

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