Better Together



OK, in a few days it will be The Man of Steele vs The Dark Knight and I am looking forward to it. As these two heroes have a moment where they go at each other, I am reminded of one key area we all can improve and that’s accountability.

Doing things solo sounds good but in the world of becoming healthier there is strength in numbers. When you’re doing things solo it makes giving up and quitting that much easier. I find it interesting that over time Batman had Robin then bat girl. Superman over time had super girl and then a dog that flies. We all need that extra set of eyes and ears to keep grinding.

Having someone to workout with, make meals with or just check in on each other can make all the difference between success and failure. When you’re tired your partner maybe amped up, when your partner is gassed you may have energy that can get things going. Don’t under estimate the power of accountability. I can imagine that at some point in the movie these two heroes realize they can do more good together. Connect with someone and watch the results improve.

Keep grinding! Maybe I’ll see you in the movies this weekend!


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  1. EZ says:

    More good together! Nice , Rev

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