$20 per team until 4/25 (click here to signup now)
$40 per team beginning 4/26

Ding Ding Ding! It’s go time!! Hype4Life is teaming up with Title Boxing Club for another Fight Night Get Lean Challenge! What is the Fight Night GLC? It’s a 4 week challenge designed to help us do what boxers do best… get down to our fighting weight! Fighters do this all the time with a focus on proper diet and exercise. The Fight Night GLC is intended to help us do the same thing! Let me lay it out for you… Challenge kicks off May 2nd at 7:30AM with a crazy H4L workout at Title Boxing of Cary! Challenge will end Thursday June 2nd and here’s how it’s going down!

Two people per team! Signup with a buddy/best friend/family member or whomever you like. It’s ALL COMPLETELY ONLINE so you can TEAM UP with your FAMILY and FRIENDS no matter where they are! You do NOT have to be a Title Boxing Club member to participate so can pull coworkers, out of state college buddies, church friends, parents, anyone you can think of into the challenge with you! For only $10 a person if you signup by 4/25, why wouldn’t you!


Earn points each day by drinking water, eating lean protein, eating healthy veggies, eating healthy fruits, and being active/working out. Submit your points using our online form or via text message! As points are submitted, they are added to your team total! At the end of the challenge your team will go head to head with another team in the challenge… the team with the most total points wins! Gift card prizes (emailed to you via will be awarded to the winning teams!

  • plus 1 point for every 8 ounces of water you drink
  • plus 1 point for healthy veggies
  • plus 1 point for lean proteins
  • plus 1 point for healthy fruits
  • plus 1 point for every 15 minutes of exercise
  • plus bonus points for Hype4Life and Title Boxing workouts
  • minus 1 point for every serving of goolosh (our term for unhealthy foods)

Water points are accumulated throughout the entire day! You can earn up to 8 points each day (64 ounces of water). Plus we added a new workout water bonus for this challenge! You are allowed an additional 8 ounces of water for every 15 minutes of activity/workout you do each day! Plus 1 point for each additional 8 ounces… so now being active earns you more point power! The more you exercise, the more water you need. We want to reward you for that!

Protein and veggie points are allotted by meal/snack, not by number of servings! More servings does NOT equal more points. No matter how many servings of protein you have in a single meal/snack, the most protein points you can earn for a single meal/snack is +1. Same goes for veggies. To earn more points, you have to have more meals/snacks with lean proteins and veggies each day. You can earn protein and veggie points for up to 5 meals/snacks each day!

Exercise points are accumulated throughout the entire day! The more time you find to be active/workout, the more points you can earn! You can earn up to 8 points per day (120 minutes)! What you do doesn’t matter, as long as you are active. Take a boxing class, cycle class, yoga class, dance class, go for a walk, play soccer with the kids, go for a bike ride, clean the house, work in the yard… anything goes as long as you are active!

The daily bonus point will change each week and it could be anything! You might get a bonus for no after dinner snacks, going goolosh free, drinking at least 64 ounces of water, or even something as easy as using one of our hashtags!

Goolosh points are PER SERVING! Lose 1 point for every servings of goolosh! A little more on how we view goolosh For many of us, making changes to be healthier and more active is a process. This challenge allows EXPERTS, NOVICES, and EVERYONE in between to be competitive with one another in the same challenge! We don’t pretend to be the experts in all things health and fitness. We strive to keep it simple. MORE water. MORE activity. LESS sugar. LESS carbs. LESS fatty foods. Over time,  your LESS becomes less and less and less and you want MORE of your more! We can help you set the right goals and help you progress over time! We can help you to find LASTING changes that work for YOU.

Wondering how to enter your points via text message? No worries. We got you covered. Below are examples of how to enter scores via text message.

  1. Let’s say you had salad(+1) with grilled chicken(+1) and 16 ounces of water(+2) after 60 min boxing class(+4) for dinner.  Your total  would be 8 points. You could enter 8 using the online form, you could text in “+8, or you could text in something like ” just had a great workout and healthy lunch! on my proper grind son! +8″.
  2. Your sweet tooth is working you overtime and you can’t fight it. You decide to have a cupcake(-1) and two serving of chips(-2). Hey now… it happens! Your total would be -3 points. You could enter -3 using the online form, you could text in “-3”, or you could text in something like “couldn’t fight that sweet tooth any longer. goolosh on swole son! -3”.
  3. Let’s combine numbers 1 and 2 above. You could enter 8 and -3using the online form, you could text in “8 and -3”, you could text in something like “great workout and lunch! +8. The desert wasn’t bad either! -3.”, you could text in “+5”, or something like “pretty good lunch time grind today. +5”.


Looking forward to this Fight Night Get Lean Challenge! Get your friends involved too! You do not have to be a Title Boxing Club member to participate! Nothing like having friends in the mix to keep you motivated and let’s not forget the potential for some FUN side bets too! Still have questions. No problem. Stop by the get lean challenge page to get more information. You can also email us anytime.

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