It’s the Little things!



have never been a yogurt eater. I just never really liked the taste. I have always been a big sweets eater though (cakes and cookies). So on this Fitness Journey I have learned that it’s not always the major changes, though some major changes are necessary. Most times it’s the little consistent changes that have the most impact on reaching our goals, for example going from soda to crystal lite drink packages then moving to cutting out soda all together. You will be amazed over time how eliminating or swapping out something non healthy for something healthier can have a serious impact on achieving your fitness goals. One day my friend was celebrating a milestone bday with Key Lime Pie. I was asked to transport some pie to other friends so they can partake in the celebration. Instead of reverting to my old habits, meaning a slice or two would have been missing. Giving me cake or cookies to hand off to someone in the past was not a good idea. Instead of grubbing on the goolash, I opted out for the Key Lime Yogurt. I win today and in 365 days in the year the more little victories I can get eventually they become a Big win for me. Work on one little thing: maybe it’s going to bed an hour early, swapping out a dessert with something healthier, developing a sleep routine or cutting out soda. You never know how the little thing you do maybe what creates momentum to continue that winning trend.

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