While I was at the gym today, I got a phone call from my wife. A quick aside… there is some significance to me being at the gym. I generally have terrible phone etiquette, meaning often times I fail to answer my phone. However, since I was at the gym, the phone call interrupted my music, which was a big enough distraction to route my attention to the incoming call. Now back to the story at hand… My wife had just left awards day in my youngest son’s class and she wanted to tell me this. When Chris (in orange in the photo above) got his award, he was asked for a memorable moment from the school year. His answer was a great reaffirmation of a belief that has reduced my worries and brought more joy to my life recently. So which should I say first? His answer or my belief?

Let’s start with his answer. Chris’s memorable moment was at field day. The jump rope relay was the event. His teacher was having a hard time getting one last person to do the relay. Since I was there, I talked Chris into doing it, even though he didn’t want to. It was bitter, super sweet for me. When he ran out on the field and got in line, he got upset. He didn’t think he could do it and didn’t want to try it… that’s the bitter. The immediate sweet was how his classmates supported him and how he responded to me getting on him with one of my “Come on dawg. It’s just a jump rope relay. You can do it. Just man up and do it.” type speeches. The super part of the sweet came today. It was this very incident that he talked about as his memorable moment of the year!!! He said he remembered how he didn’t think he could do the jump rope relay but he did! I would have never thought that would have been something he would remember, especially in a positive way!!!


Here’s what I do know. Even though he got upset during the experience, I “made” him do it because I felt like it was the right thing to do. I wasn’t a butt hole about it, but I also didn’t let his being upset prevent me from pushing him. Which brings us to my belief… YOU NEVER KNOW what is going to be meaningful to others so don’t waste your life away trying to always get it just right. Instead, find and hold onto the joy that can come along with doing things for the right reasons. Don’t beat yourself up over outcomes that don’t go as you planned because that may very well be what someone needed to experience to grow! Do that enough and you will find that you will worry less and experience more joy than you ever have! That, that right there ladies and gents is most definitely hype4life! -jp

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