Insufficient Daddying, Not!


Years ago, I listened to a Bomani Jones’ sports show because he bumped Prince music and occasionally tied sports events to what he called “insufficient daddying” (ID).  On this Fathers’ Day, I thought it would be fun to talk about it.


The premise: There are certain “unalienable rights” explicitly protected by “Man Law”. It is up to fathers to impart Man Law knowledge on their sons.  It is a father’s failure if this knowledge is not passed down. In effect, it is “insufficient daddying” to fail in this area and have your sons misuse, misunderstand, or blatantly abuse these Laws.

The Laws, well I can’t give too much away, but such truths as the following:

  • Public bathroom. Look forward and do not start a conversation
  • Kobe, you are caught, in trouble, you do not dime-out your friend, especially when your friend is not even implicated.
  • Draymon Greene and Chris Paul, we do not look to strike others in the … “mid section”

Through the years, ID, has expanded to include any dumb act that one performs that some good parenting could have prevented. ID is a made up, not so serious look at human nature. We can have a lot of fun with ID, but on this Father’s Day I want to celebrate the not made up, very special relationships.

I’d like to celebrate the guys that drive from gym to gym to coach sons. I’d like to celebrate the guy with arthritic knees that has trained for a half marathon just to cross the finish line with his daughter. I’d like to cheer for the guy who is his kids biggest fan. I like to raise my glass to all these gentlemen for being role models.  For me, I’d like to raise the roof for my daughters who do things every day that tell me they love me. Finally, I’d like to celebrate the guy that came home from work, got out of his car, and played ball with me and friends before going into the house. I’d like to celebrate the man that taught me how to love. I’d like to celebrate the man I miss. The man. My father, Major Charles Benson, that was anything but “insufficient”.

Shout out to all great dads.  Be Hype! Share the Hype!


3 thought on “Insufficient Daddying, Not!”

  1. Harnetha says:


  2. Calvin says:

    A wonderful tribute.

  3. Toya says:

    Awww….I’m so in tears! I love it
    Totally AWESOME!

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