One Radom Act Deserves Another!


Last Friday a much needed trip to the barbershop was in order to get a fresh cut. As I walked in, I saw a few familiar faces and I took a seat. As the conversation continued with the barber and the person sitting in the chair, it was now my turn. I sat and did my usual quick nod to sleep as I got my cut. When the barber woke me up, I reached in my pocket to pay him and the barber mentioned to my surprise, “The person before you took care of your cut”.

For a moment I was surprised, excited that someone wanted to do something nice for me and I didn’t get a chance to thank them. In other words I had been RAK’ed.

We call that a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) in fact soon you will hear more about our Hype4life Spin what we are calling HypeRAK’s. Doing a random act of kindness is so much needed to bring a moment of Hype-ness to others.


Maybe you know someone who is grinding to lose weight and you want to encourage them to keep working hard. Maybe it’s a neighbor who could use a smile as you bring over some of your extra 4th of July cooking. The coworker who has been dealing with life challenges and still getting it in at work. The person who is fighting Chemo treatments or dialysis treatments. Doing something for someone without seeking anything in return is Hype 4 Life!

So my response to my fresh cut.. Saturday morning as I went to wash the Q, I decided that the person behind me could use a RAK so I left some quarters for the person who comes behind me. Maybe, just maybe, I gave a little moment of excitement, a smile and a thought to someone who could use it and in return they too will pass it on!


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