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In officiating basketball, we make many calls and no-calls on hundreds of basketball plays. We prepare to make these calls by organizing our thoughts into the start, development, and finish of every play. With the sleepRevolution Challenge, I have started analyzing my sleep habits. I have come to realize that preparation is invaluable to improve my sleep, and I can apply my three-part ref process to improve on my sleep habits.

stDevFinishThe Start: There are several things that can help us fall asleep. Small electronics can emit enough light to trick the brain into wakefulness. We need to unplug from our electronics before going to bed. It is also proven that an activity like relaxation can give the brain a clear demarcation between wake and sleep, and help one fall to sleep sooner.

The Development:  This is the middle portion of the play. In sleep, this is the actual slumber, sleep, zzzz’s.  We don’t want interruptions in our sleep. One common interruption is going to the bathroom at night. If this is an issue, reduce liquids as bedtime nears.  We all sleep better if we are comfortable.  Being comfortable is a key piece to a restful night. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises that we treat our bedroom as a cave by keeping it cool, quiet, and dark. Temperature, we all have our special thermostat comfort level. Quiet, some like to sleep with the TV or radio on. Maybe, the noise helps one to fall asleep but unknowingly keeps the brain active during sleep?! Try a timer on the television. Dark, which brings me to the completion.

The Finish:For me, it is a challenge to get to bed earlier to extend sleep. I have a set  wakeup time especially on weekdays, which makes it difficult to extend sleep in the morning. However, the weekends have the potential for later wake up times, if only I wasn’t conditioned to get up at my weekday time. I have found that a dark room can help me sleep later. Curtains will block out the morning sun and can help one’s mind delay that routine wakeup time.

I guess the bottom line is that we should prepare our sleep as we prepare our other scheduled activities. When there are fouls with your sleep habits, make the right call. Your day should begin with a well-rested you. Start, develop, and finish your sleep with good preparation.

Be hype about your sleep!



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