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With Hype4Life, we talk about staying on our Proper Grind. Enabling. Motivating day in and day out to make today better than yesterday. One constant in my day to day is music. Music has always been a part of my day. Tom Joyner to get dressed to, sports radio for the drive to work. A little of this and a little of that to work-out to. In high school, I discovered my favorite artist of all time, Prince.

I ended up seeing Purple Rain countless times while working in a theater the summer it was released. My ‘77 Toyota Corolla could barely handle this young driver rolling through South Carolina back-road shortcuts (probably a little too fast) and with his Purple Badness playing in the tape deck, cassette…not 8-track – I’m not THAT old. Driving was a passion going to and fro, “nothing compares” to that feeling of being a teenager driving around with loud funky music. Yep… I said funky.

With the recent passing of Prince, I somehow wondered if I could combine these two interest… because heck, why not? Hype4life and Prince.

So, I looked for help to vet this idea. Didn’t even have to look far. My man, JC is a fervent and most knowledgeable fan. JC can reminisce and pontificate on the Artist catalog as well as anyone I know. Combine that with his keen wordsmith abilities, JC is known as the Mississippi Mozart. Together, we hope to create an interesting series of blogs to come in the next couple of weeks. No pressure JC.

What to look forward to? Not really sure. But, the goal is to not sound “Delirious” and entertain you in some way… So JC, “Let’s go Crazy”… and Here’s to the “Beautiful Ones”.


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