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I know wrestling is fake to an extent but you couldn’t tell me that as an 6th-10th grader, ok maybe 12th grade. In the late 80’s into the 90’s Saturday I was glued to the television. Some of my favorites were Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, Rick Flair, Shawn Michaels and my favorite Sting (I had Sting written on my wrestling shoes in High School). I was also a fan of a great heel the fabulous firebirds (Badstreet USA song was hot). The individual matches were great but some of the matches I remember most are the tag team matches. Oh I can see the small guys winning like the rock n roll express, the flare of The Hart Foundation coming from Chicago you were automatically fans of The Road Warriors. The thing about tag teams is when things get rough you have someone to tag in and they can give you a chance to catch your breath until your tagged back in. In other words you have someone by your side, in your corner and fighting with you. In life we need tag team partners. When one partner is getting beat down with health challenges, life imbalances and struggles it’s good to have someone to tag in, someone in your corner. In a boxing match the boxer is never alone he has a corner and that’s his support system. For the boxer his corner helps him/her prepare for the next round. They fix cuts, provide temporary comforts all so the fighter can go back out for another round. When life hits you make sure you have someone you can tag in, peeps in your corner. We all need someone, just imagine The Lone Ranger without Tonto, Batman without Robin, Holmes and Watson, Maverick without Goose, Cheech and Chong (ok but they were together!). Even Nemo had Dory, as we all strive to live hype were striving to be a part of your corner, to encourage you and remind you, you don’t have to fight alone, you don’t have to improve your health alone. Remember when you need to, tag someone in, catch your breath and in the words of Dory: Just Keep Swimming!


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  1. Harnetha Benson says:

    The blogs that appear on this sight are so refreshing, engerizing and positive. I enjoy reading then , so much to the point , many times I read them over several times at different intervals. Yes we need to be the 1 that looks at someone, struggling maybe or maybe not, and smile with a pleasant look or word. There are so many people in this world ,who if we knew their story , we would approach them differently. So why not consider everyone as having a unique story and make a difference with a little kindnesses along the way. Add a little sunshine to someone’s life daily in your own special way. Love y’all 😍

  2. Harnetha Benson says:

    Be Blessed

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