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Maybe it is the fact I am getting old or maybe it is the onslaught of instantaneous information through social media, it seems there’s alot of stuff going on in the USA and the world. Unfortunately,  a lot of the stuff is goolosh ( our term for bad things) – Actions that are not positive and make the Grind tougher. Far be it for me to leave the impression of gloom and doom. I try to stay positive. Through our actions, we can spread the positive.  Kind actions. Random, planned, big, or small.

So what can we do to improve the world, our little portion of it,  The community? We can be that 1. That 1 that shows kindness. That 1 that goes out of the way to listen to others. It can come in many forms. You never know what little thing may brighten the day.
Several months ago Dawn posted “Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back”. It dawned on me (bad pun . she will get me back during boxing) , “be the 1”. The positive 1. I began thinking about writing  this blog and about other folk’s  actions that brightened my day.

Several months ago I was attending a church service and a dance/praise team performed. It was a mature aged group that enjoyed performing. One particular performer caught my eye. The pure joy on her face. The smile.  She looked to be in another place yet stayed in unison with her performers. She was the 1 that made me smile.

This past summer had to be one the hottest in a long time. I was in the parking lot at work and passed by a construction worker holding a Stop sign. I was sweating just getting out of my car. I spoke “good morning, how are you”.  His reply ” Blessed”. Simple words. I have heard many say. But, that day, it sent me smiling across the parking lot.

Another example, I jog from time to time. As I said, hot summer. Runs in Umstead State Park can leave you dusty and sweaty. I member of my running group gave me a seat cover for my car. To protect the seats from me after my runs. A very thoughtful act.

I appreciate these actions that led me to smile and to think. Imagine how creative we can get. A note. A smile. A prayer. An umbrella in the rain. There is no better time than now to be that 1. The 1 that helps someone through their day. Through their minute. Through their grind.

Stay Hype. Hype for kindness

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