Improve how I get down at life and inspire others to do the same. When I started Hype4Life, that was my focus. Somewhere along the way my focus shifted. My desires to see growth slid me off track. This became apparent to me after watching a video shared by my home gizal Terese.

Coach Auriemma helped me realize that I am at my best when my attitude comes from a place of joy and thankfulness. I have to fight to keep those feelings close to the vest.

Every challenge in our lives doesn’t have to steal our joy and excitement. Often times the world encourages us to counter life’s difficulties with judgement, anger, hate, disrespect, and finger pointing. That’s why we can’t underestimate the importance being part of the good team. There are lots of coaches out there trying to get us on their roster. It’s our responsibility to pick the right one amidst all the rhetoric, promises, and sometimes even bold face lies. The challenge of avoiding traps of distractions is becoming more difficult so we have to work extra hard to focus on attitude and approach. We have to know what we are looking for and we have to be on a relentless pursuit to find it. Joyfully. Thankfully. Relentlessly. That’s how I want to get down at life and I hope that is obvious to anyone on my team!

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