Planting Seeds


We’re in the middle of the 2nd quarter of 2017 and this year has had its challenges but what year hasn’t? For me this year has brought unexpected changes. Some good. Some not so good. How do you stay focused during a year of ups and downs? Maybe it’s an unexpected injury. Maybe you learned you can’t run or workout like you did a few years ago. Maybe your body won’t let you grind the same way you have in years past. Maybe your caring for an elderly parent unexpectedly. How do you stay on target with your fitness goals while it seems the target is moving?

Here are two things I am working on this year. Maybe they will help you just as they are helping me.

  1. Do one thing each day that brings you joy. Laughing and smiling are underrated and a good laugh can change your day. It can provide prospective while it can brightens a cloudy day. It can also create memories that stay with you for years. Engage in something that exercises your heart in a positive way. I remember JP doing a step workout session years ago. Dude was using 3 steps when he stumbled to the floor. The funniest part was that he was still teaching while on the ground next to his scattered stack of aerobic steps! I laughed. He laughed. Everyone in the room laughed. I did have to pause after laughing for a bit though. I was using 2 steps and thinking if he fell on 3, I am going down to 1!  That is one of those fitness moments that go down in history because it was with a group of people who were investing in each other’s total well being. For me doing anything with my 4 sons usually leads to something funny happening! The 5 of us together is the perfect recipe for lots of laughs and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  2. Do one thing each day that will better your health. During my changes and challenges I have stayed in the gym. We all have moments we don’t feel like working out but we definitely want the results. Well the results don’t happen without the work. Summer bodies are not sown in May, they are sown in December and January. At times we expect trees in our fitness journey and in life in without planting seeds. Plant seeds to a healthier you, seeds that you and others can enjoy the fruit. Sign up for the next fitness challenge. Meet some cool people and enjoys some laughs. Plant seeds of friendship and love. -Rev

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