Jekyll and Hyde – Fighting the Food Demon


Dare I reveal the EZ-Hyde? OK, I acknowledge he exists, that’s the first step to finding a cure. The question:  which is my dominant persona?


No manner of exercise can compensate for bad nutritional choices. For me, it is easier for Dr. Jekyll to handle the workouts and stay active. But, when it comes to food and drink choices, the doctor exits like famous Game of Thrones actors. Enter Hyde to the scene, scary yet intriguing riding in like the Dragon queen – I know it is better to run but I don’t. Hyde brings goolosh to the table. It is easy to take Bojangles sweet tea. Yea, I live to eat more times than I eat to live.

Forget the tea, what about a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sounds decent – nice carb and protein blend, right ?!  Nah , Hyde says add 2 Oreos. Lovely oreos opened and placed between the fresh slices of white bread . Double stuffed works too, especially if you want to pregame and game in one sandwich! Oh, how easy it is to get off track.

My man Rev motivates in the gym with “Winter is coming” and then he does one more set. He’s preparing. Staying on track. I’m self-talking Dr. Jekyll to stay with me for that last set.

So, here’s to more Jekyll and chicken-vege wraps and less Oreo powered goolosh. What are your favorite Jekyll and Hyde treats?

Stay hype.



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