Running – Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad


We all have our favorites. Favorite foods, favorite book, favorite television show, favorite exercise. At one time, running was my long -time love. Turns out, Running did not love me. It was a destructive relationship. “Why you want to Treat me so bad ?”

I loved Running in Umstead Park.  Or heading to the track and running 400 after 400 at what felt like Carl Lewis speed. In reality, it was more Jerry Lewis than Carl. Just grab music and GPS watch and go. We had such a good and comfortable thing!

Playing on the headphones Nate Dogg “Regulate”, Rocky, or any Prince song. Little did I know, that the mind clearing, calorie burning runs would now leave the knees and hips stiff and sore” I even gave you my body“. Running, you know I love you, ” how can you do this to me?”

I gave it my all – 5Ks, half-marathons, a full marathon in the heat and hills of Raleigh. “You know I care“. Running was always a good thing. Now I am left to wonder if Running has moved on without me. “Why you wanna treat me so bad when you know I love you?”

There’s some talk going ’round town That you really don’t give a damn“. After all I’ve given, Running has the nerve to say, I’m too much for you. Why don’t you try the elliptical machine, the recumbent bike… or a little low-impact walk in the park. I mean “ain’t that enough?”

The message from running has become clear to me. It’s over. Running, “Why you wanna treat me so bad?” 

Stay Hype.






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