Family Music Bonding with Prince


By: Nicole Benson
100% Cosigned by Danielle Benson

My father, Erick Benson, LOVES Prince. I can remember listening to Prince my entire life. As a small child I used to confuse Michael Jackson and Prince because they are both two light skinned artists that sang with a high voice. I’m pretty sure to this day this still frustrates and bewilders our father. Not that Michael Jackson isn’t talented but just isn’t, well…. Prince. When Prince died, we had to do a watch on our dad, to make sure he didn’t take off to Minnesota to mourn the Purple Badness. We even bought him an “Our Condolences” card to help him through this tough musical loss.

From cleaning the house, to road trips, to sitting doing work on his mid -1990s IBM desktop, Prince was always in the background.

Dad always involved us in anything he was doing so if he was jamming out to Prince, his two girls were too. Fun Fact, he can sing in a high falsetto when he sings the chorus to “Adore.” I can remember being in the back seat of the car with my sister sucking on lollipops, eating snacks, (snacks and candy? Yeah, we are his kids) and listening to Prince on our various family road trips. Prince’s funky beats kept Dad alert and entertained, while he enjoyed watching me and my sister sing and bob our heads along to the music. In fact, I don’t think much has changed from that young high schooler driving around Spartanburg listening to his Prince- well perhaps he slowed down…I imagine having a family in the car makes one do that.

Before the turn of the millennium I can remember sitting on the bed, with Prince playing in the background, Dad was busy doing something, when he stopped to explain to us the lyrics “They say two thousand zero, zero, party over, Oops, out of time! So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999! Not that an explanation was anything major, just a little moment where he stopped what he was doing to explain something new to us. Every time I hear this song I still, at 24, reminisce on him telling us the lyrics are a reference to the unknown of Y2K.

When we hear Prince, we think of our Dad, and all the wonderful bonding moments we’ve had involving him. How Dad shared his love of Prince’s music with us.

Hype4life is about creating that family bond. Whether that is through listening to the same type of music, joining challenges, or sharing a new recipe or workout. It is about getting hype and working through the grind, together.

Dad, your girls “Adore you.”

-Nicole and Danielle aka “The Most Beautiful Girls in the World”

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