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The social media world is constantly talking. Your most powerful skills are those of discretion, focus, and filtering. Everything that moves you and entertains you doesn’t benefit you. Hyperbole is rampant. Words and images are in a constant battle to grab your attention. Discretion. Focus. Filtering. These are paramount. Don’t get distracted. Fight the urge to comment on everyone else’s life so freely, frivolously, and carelessly. There are so many wormholes to distract you. So many slants to make you FEEL better but leave you standing still when you try to LIVE better. You don’t need to read an entire book collection to get started. Start by turning on your life filter! Constantly refine it and start creating your own book. Be creative. Stay thankful for what you have. Stay connected to people and opportunities that help you grow. Decide and go. Decide and go. Decide and go. It’s OK to choose wrong. It’s process. It’s a skill. The next decision gets a little easier. Then the next. Then the next. You figure it out. Don’t get pulled down. You don’t have to desire to make a million dollars. You can start with a desire to manage your 10 dollars better. To manage your 60 minutes of free time better. To find time fuel your mind. To build your body. Decide what matters most and go. Handle your business and find out how good it feels. Feed off that energy. Be discrete. Focus. Seek out opportunities that you decide are appropriate and have value. You are building you. Refining you. When others notice, give them something of value. Share with purpose and good intention. -jp

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    I enjoyed this blog It is very true. A profound article

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