Life Filter Challenge Week 1

I have come to believe Hype4Life challenges are a lot like…

a) A good pair of new shoes. You can get by with the shoes you have but once you rock a new pair, you quickly realize how big a difference they make!

b) Some great fitting Spanx. They most definitely get the job done but can be a little uncomfortable and involve too much work getting off and on.

c) A trip to the dentist. You never want to go but when you finally do, you are glad you did because you feel so much better afterwards.

I have to go with “a) A good pair of new shoes.” because I don’t have any personal experience with Spanx and dentist appointments are never fun!

I thought it would be a good idea to provide weekly recaps of the current Life Filter Plus challenge. This way those unfamiliar with our challenges can get an idea of how we get down! Check out the participant comments and my daily thoughts from week 1!

Comments from Challenge Participants

“We turned off the tv. Built a fire in the chiminia on the dock and watched the stars. It was a beautiful peaceful evening.”

“Tough day of moving with lots of unexpected setbacks…I tried hard to keep things positive.”

“I almost spoke negative about someone but rethought it and said nothing, kept it moving…have to remind myself that I don’t know what battles people are going through and being negative is only affecting my joy!”

“I was happy with my water intake and being attentive to my words and aware of my thought before I speak. I wasn’t drawn into conversations that where not positive.”

“Very positive day. We accomplished a lot! Girl power!!!”

JP’s Daily Thoughts

DAY 1 – Today our challenge begins. A challenge to really focus on how we get down at life and how we intend to influence those close to us. A challenge to filter out the constant noise around us. A challenge to perhaps bite our tongues and don’t hit send as often. All the while, working on our diet, sleep, and fitness with the ultimate goal of thriving in our daily pursuits. Start today with your main goals for the challenge. Define your higher standard. Share them with someone to give them life. -jp

DAY 2 – To me the key is intention. Life has a way of just happening if we don’t live with intention. Take an average day. Is it spent giving time and energy to improving, helping, inspiriting, uplifting or just doing what we do? Simple changes can be meaningful. For example, instead of just sharing a post like this, send it to someone specifically. Just that little bit of discretion can make your intentions more meaningful. -jp

DAY 3 – Is the challenge making a difference for you? When it comes to the big three (focus/discretion/filtering)… the goal isn’t to sit back and never say a word. It’s to think it through, make sure it’s worth saying, and deliver it to the right audience. What we think is right is almost always relative and very often mistakenly applied as truth in someone else’s life. Oh snap… maybe little deeper than usual today. Must be the allergy meds! Keep it proper and hype fam! -jp

DAY 4 – When it comes to opinions, most everyone has one and it’s usually the result of their life experiences. I have found that personal growth is a result of trying to understand others opinions. The counter to that is trying to convince others to see it my way, usually not as productive. The intent and delivery are often more important than what is being delivered. This is not revolutionary thinking by any means. The revolution begins when we commit to putting it into practice.

DAY 5 – “That’s what evil needs… good people to be quiet.” This quote struck a cord when I heard it on NPR this morning so I wanted to share with hopes that you will absorb it. Really absorb it into how you get down at life and keep the focus there. My hope is that we can fight the urges to shift the narrative to how other entities are failing and focus on how we can make good a little louder in our life experiences. Sometimes that’s smelling the roses and other times that’s not being pulled into the… -jp

DAY 6 – Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for your progress, evaluate your week, and plan for the week ahead. That doesn’t mean meal prep by default. Its meant to try to get ahead of whats coming so you can make the most of your time and circumstances.

DAY 7 – One week practically in the books! Hope it’s going well! Keep the comments coming when you enter points! I always enjoy reading them! Piggy back rides for the kids at church this morning! Much more exhausting than I expected! How creative have you gotten for some of your points?

I am really enjoying this challenge, so much so that I think I am going to run it again in November! It will be a great way to get prepared for the holiday season! Check out the take the challenge page to learn more and signup to join us!

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