Life Filter Challenge Week 2

Here’s a recap of week two of the challenge! One week to go!

Comments from Challenge Participants (typos and all)

Not my best food day…but football and friends made it worth it!

Thankful for time to catch up on my sleep!

As I walked around Target picking up a ton of different sweet items, I thought about how good they would taste and then thought about how bad it would make me feel. I was feeling in a slump and just wanted to eat junk but thanks to you guys I thought about how many things I have to be thankful about. So I walked away from the bad choices…..had a tiny piece of candy and called it a night!

Whoop whoop, didn’t realize I had a goolosh free day. Turned on P!nk and danced the house clean. The day would have been stellar until a family member was venting about their spouse and my filter turned off. Good news is I realized it and am more aware. Mom’s can’t fix everything.

JP’s Daily Thoughts

Day 8. What do you do on days like this? When the first thing you hear when you get in the car are reports about a shooting killing at least 50 people. I think you give it it’s due time, thought, and prayer. Then you start figuring out what you can draw from it as you empathize with those dealing with the hurt, pain, and loss. For me, it’s a reminder to keep the little things in perspective. Having a place to live, food to eat, healthy family/friends, and opportunities to make a difference… that’s plenty to be joyful about and thankful for… not only in word but in how I get down at life.

Day 9. Tolerate the bad days. Make the good days great. Appreciate the great days and draw from them during the bad ones.

Day 10. The halfway-ish point. Usually when you know if you are getting stronger in your commitment or giving yourself a pass to revert back to normal. Remember that change is not an all or nothing proposition and how you contend with challenges often sets the example for someone else. Your words usually matter more to those who know of you while actions matter more to those who know you best and look to you for inspiration.

Day 11. On the other side of halfway! Today’s thought… rebound and dunk well! Translation…. On the days where things get off to a rough start, make sure you rebound well. On days when you get off to a great start, make sure you finish the day with a slam dunk. Make bad better and good great!

Day 12. The second weekend! When you are out and about this weekend, take some time to listen to how life is happening around you. What types of things are people saying? Especially listen out for what I like to call the “qualifier cover”. It goes a little something like this… “I know I shouldn’t complain but…” or “I usually don’t talk about other people but…” THEN think about the verbal wordplay that you put on display and see where you fall… where you can improve. Words do matter ladies & gents. Perhaps more now than ever. Focus up. Speak with discretion. Keep that filter on proper!

Day 13. (A little late. Poor planning perhaps.) We have to be hungry for higher standards of joy and thankfulness and then we gotsta eat…at exactly that in which we are developing a stronger taste for. We are working to become picky eaters… focused on a diet built on hype fuel!

Day 14. What do things do you care about most? If we look at how you spend your time, would it match? A little food for thought going into the last week of the challenge… and no this is not goolosh! 

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