Life Filter Challenge Final Week

Here’s a recap of the final week of the challenge! Round two is just around the corner! A great way to get in a good place heading into the holidays!

Comments from Challenge Participants (I included a few more than usual since it’s the last week)

“Happy to say my goolash was two alcoholic drinks….celebrating with a friend.”

“text:first 17 days of bliss +629 -34”

“Best day yet!! I think because I jumped up and did a 3 mile walk/ run. It cleared the brain fog put me in a place of peace and joy. Early mornings and nature make me happy! HELLO this 52 year old ran😳.”

“Is one square of dark chocolate really goolosh😜?”

“Did not have a super healthy dinner because it was such a busy day. Had to deal with difficult people at work but tried to keep it as positive as possible!”

“Woke up grumpy for some reason and drug myself out for my walk. Walking and listening to P!nk changed my day.”

“Finally goolosh free! Yay! 🎉”

“I had a great day mentally… but extra goolash bc i had a diet soda while getting a pedicure which was better than wine or regular soda, a few chips but not all of them, and a small slice of pizza…and a little candy while watching a movie…but I felt positive all day and know I made hard decisions! Keep grinding!”
“Exhausting day ….ended it with late night goolosh of cereal, ice cream 🍦 and cookies 🍪 😳”

“Thanks for the challenge. Definitely had me thinking before posting/commenting!”

“We got up and decided to help our son move and got so busy I realized I didn’t drink enough water. We were pleasantly tired but didn’t want to cook dinner 😳, frozen pizza night. It was all enjoyable but not how I plannned to end the challenge. I really enjoyed this one!”

“text:final four days of bliss +112 -8”

JP’s Daily Thoughts

Day 15. How important is hydration? What do you think? I think it’s kind of a big deal and affects my appetite. This weekend was a good example. I got behind on my water, stayed hungry, and consumed more goolosh than I would have liked. On the flip side, this is my third year building a trebuchet with the kiddos school STEAM club and we are getting better!

Day 16. So I walk into the locker room at the gym and two guys are having a conversation about something on TV and the first thing I hear is… “We are all racists. You. Me. That guy over there (meaning me)…”. There are lots of ways this could have played out. Immediately I wanted to say how much I disagree but after thinking about it, I didn’t feel that to be the time or the place so I shook it off and went on about my business. I didn’t let it affect my workout or the rest of my day. The only things that linger are a curiosity about why he feels that way and hope that things will happen in his life to change his mind.

Day 17. Is it getting easier to filter out some of the distractions and noise? Are you becoming aware of how you are getting down at life… figuring out what things you want to change? Change is constant. That means either you are improving or slipping. It’s easy to slip. Some work and intention are required just to keep from slipping and maintain. Progress happens when that work and intention are steady and constant.

Day 18. Only 4 days to go! Isn’t it really all about being able to focus our motivations and make subtle distinctions? Are we trying to be right or get it right? One of the two requires a desire to understand and appreciate the other is usually backed by a desire for self gratification. For most of us, one is more instinctive than the other. That doesn’t make it right… it makes it a habit.

Day 19. Friday 13th!!! A reminder to think things through but don’t hold things in. Think things through to figure out what you need to say and then deliver it to the right people. Now that pertains to the business of your life. If it’s not about your life then the fight becomes to stay out as much as you can. When you do chime in, it’s just your opinion. They will do with it what they please… even when it seems completely obvious to you.

Stay hydrated. Keep it the diet proper. Live hype with a little more discretion, filtering, and focus in ya life!

Day 20! Don’t forget to enter your points plus share the good, the bad, the ugly, and your plans after the challenge. Also any comments, suggestions, or feedback are much appreciated. Today I found out one person has lost 7 pounds… even though it wasn’t me, that’s music to my ears! Keep it proper and hype fam!

Day 21. Yesterday I spent the afternoon fixing the seat in my mom’s car. It had gotten stuck in the forward position. I ended up taking the seat out. I was able to use a ratchet for the rear bolts. I was able to use an adjustable wrench for one of the front bolts. I tried using the adjustable wrench for the other bolt but was worried it would strip it. I had every wrench in the old toolbox except the 9/16, which was what was required. I asked my mom’s neighbor, he said he didn’t have one. After that I gave the adjustable one more try but it didn’t feel right. So I slid to the store and grabbed the 9/16. Once I got the wrench that was required, the last bolt came out easily and I was able to eventually fix the seat. So what’s the point to all this… First we have to be able discern what is required and then we have to make sure we get what we need. Sometimes you can get away with what we can find and other times we have to go out of our way to get exactly what we need. Thanks for rockin’ with us for another challenge! Will announce winners and let you know about shirts on Wednesday.

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