Thankful for Growth


As we celebrate Thanksgiving today many of us are thankful for many things. Our family, our lives, our Iove one’s, our health and many other countless blessings.

Today, As I walk the white sands at Destin Florida. I am thankful for my growth, personal and professional. Growth is uniquely measured. Everyone’s growth can’t be measured the same way. Our experiences, circumstances, starting point and make up could hinder/inhibit adequately comparing our growth to others. Growth is best measured individually or within the confines of a team. It’s best celebrated regardless how great or small. Growth doesn’t mean there was always success or the presence of support. It just means there was progress. From last thanksgiving to today we can say there was progress and progress must be celebrated.

When growth is celebrated regardless of size it can become:

Courage- to try again, to take more steps. To risk when previously risk wasn’t considered. This courage builds bricks against giving up.
Momentum- that creates energy for future growth. Momentum is the ingredient that supercharges our growth to greater growth.
Compassion- that reminds us of our shortcomings, inadequacies and creates empathy to assist in the growth of others.

As we are thankful today, remember, reflect and celebrate your growth and those in your circle.
Growth, yours and there’s could be the springboard to another year that your world could see how far you’ve come.

Keep grinding

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