Tune Out to Turn Up


I am beginning to realize that in order for me to turn up my quality of life, I have to stay committed to tuning out! Shock value reigns. The louder and more obnoxious the better. Accurate information is much less important than its ability to GRAB our attention. I have to remind myself of that and be careful not to let other people tell me how I should feel. I have to fight the urge to give in to popular public opinion and instead take time to form my own. My biggest strength should be that of discretion in both what I say and share. There are plenty of problems and challenges but there are also great pockets of harmony and joy. I now understand there is irresponsibility in not acknowledging both.

Technology very easily allows us talk and share information. With that ease can come a shift in perspective. We can find ourselves believing that talking and sharing are synonymous with taking action and caring. We begin to lose our desire to stand up for types of things that would make our parents proud. We stop striving for the higher standards we really want to live by. Our desires to stand out gets replace by the comfort and safety of fitting in. It just sort of happens and feels right, unless we focus ourselves on change. This isn’t meant to be the standard – seek a rush, face your fear, or live life on a thrill ride type of message. This is about getting back to the basics. Being responsible with our words, actions, and fighting our growing propensity to quickly point fingers. It’s a call to not let our feelings be dictated to us by others. A call to challenge the opinions of others based off our very own experiences. A challenge to be a little less sensitive and more understanding. A little less harsh and a little more forgiving. Get back to the basics of life.

So as we slide into 2018, let’s walk with diligent steps, fully focused on the real life we are experiencing! Let’s focus on how we are getting down at life! How we are are affecting those around us! How often our voice is the one of appreciation? How often our heart is filled with thankfulness? If knowledge is power, then we can’t forget knowledge of self. We can’t ignore it. If knowledge is power, then maybe, just maybe, self awareness is the charge we need to tune out and turn up our lives! Perhaps it’s the most effective fuel to keep us focused on living Hype4Life and inspiring others to do the same! -jp

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2 thought on “Tune Out to Turn Up”

  1. Harnetha says:

    Well stated and very thought provoking Great start for 2018

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