In an email a little while back, one of my nieces asked “How do you stay motivated?”. Back in my heyday I was incredibly active and worked my way into pretty good shape. After two torn achilles, bouts with chronic plantar fasciitis (likely due to my very flat feet), a hip labral tear, and a continuous conversation with father time, “pretty good shape” has a different meaning BUT best believe I am still in no shortage of motivation! Coming back from major injuries like my achilles tears did push me to some low points but never has my will to keep pushing been broken. Here are some of my thoughts on why.

  1. There’s a saying I picked up while coaching. “There is no staying the same. Either your are intentionally working to be better or you are getting worse.” I want to see others work to be better in the most important areas of life. That motivates me to continue challenging myself to be better.
  2. I am a father that wants to challenge my two sons. I want them to find value in the selfless components of life. I want them to know life isn’t about making sure you get to bed on time. Instead it’s about busy days and long nights of doing the right things for the right reasons. It will take time for them to figure it out and throughout that time I have to strive to be a good example in both action and word.
  3. Being able to be active is a blessing that I don’t ever want to take for granted.
  4. I want others to know eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Eat more veggies and lean proteins and less of everything else. Drink more water and less of everything else. Starting there may still be a challenge, I know it is for me, but at the very least it eliminates the excuse of not knowing where or how to start.
  5. I am thankful for every opportunity I get to impact a life. That’s why I coach. That’s why I volunteer. That’s why I lead workouts and challenges. That’s why I blog.

There you have it! That’s my top 5! If you are looking for motivation and accountability then consider signing up for our Focus on Fitness Challenge that begins February 1st. It’s the first of our 121 Challenge series for this year. The next challenge will begin March 1st. Details will be announced very soon. If you are in the NC Triad, RTP, or surrounding areas, then consider checking out one of our community boxing workouts or setting up your own. I bet it will be a sweaty good time that you will find yourself looking forward too. Be sure to check out our hub once you decide you like how we get down! The year is still pretty new so let’s keep it proper and make it hype! -jp


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