Going to miss you SAS


At the core of all things Hype4Life lies a strong belief in the importance of change. Some changes are quick and repetitive. Those are the types of things we tackle in our challenges. Things like deciding to exercise, drink water, and make healthier choices daily. Other types of change require patience, an understanding who we are, and a growing understanding of who we really want to be. On Friday, June 1st, I will begin the process of that type of change in my life. That will be my last day at SAS and the official beginning of new adventures in fitness and home renovations. Everyone that has been a part of my SAS journey has helped me get here. I have memories and friendships that will last a lifetime! The Hot 60 workout that started it all. Then came the the Extreme Fitness Revolution challenges, Get Lean Challenges and a pile of properly hype workouts all over campus! So many fun memories with so many fantastic people. Thank you all for everything! The good news is it doesn’t have to end. The first step in my fitness journey is booking more onsite boxing workouts! Get a group together and I will be there with all the 1-2-1-2-slip-slip-roll-rolls you can handle! Now let’s see if we can use this technology thizang to stay in touch! Hi-C. LTB. Ice. B (I know that’s like 10 different people). BOD. B-Riggs. Bex. DDP. Hollywood V. Skinny. EZ. E2. E2B2. Rev. Revolution. Rozay. Biggest Boss. JC. The Other JC. JFD. Wood. Brew-dog. JR. Rubes. Running Weather Man. TNT. BigDanT. Sir Gray. Davalavis. HDH. Word World Renowned. TOP. Ray Ray. J-Lo. D-Lite. D-Nice. S-dot-Wats. Coach. Nat. C-Box. Wayne Wonder. QC. Aub. Quicks. M-Rob. Rock. Nay Nay. Boz. Shock. Awe… and many more! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Nuthin’ but love for ya fam! At the request of a few good friends, here’s a link to the Hype4Life Fitness & Summer Camps goFundMe to help raise capital for building the fitness and summer camp space. Last but not least, here’s a little parting gift from me to you! Anyone remember this? Team LTB + JP son! 🙂


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