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Undiscovered Happiness


I have always been motivated to help others. There was a time when this consistently came at the expense of my own well-being. I would sacrifice sleep for workouts, coaching, and writing. I was hardly home. I burdened my wife with taking care of the kids and dragging them to basketball games where I was […]

Planting Seeds


We’re in the middle of the 2nd quarter of 2017 and this year has had its challenges but what year hasn’t? For me this year has brought unexpected changes. Some good. Some not so good. How do you stay focused during a year of ups and downs? Maybe it’s an unexpected injury. Maybe you learned […]



Improve how I get down at life and inspire others to do the same. When I started Hype4Life, that was my focus. Somewhere along the way my focus shifted. My desires to see growth slid me off track. This became apparent to me after watching a video shared by my home gizal Terese. Coach Auriemma […]

Hype4Raks – Be the 1


Maybe it is the fact I am getting old or maybe it is the onslaught of instantaneous information through social media, it seems there’s alot of stuff going on in the USA and the world. Unfortunately,  a lot of the stuff is goolosh ( our term for bad things) – Actions that are not positive […]

Tag Team


I know wrestling is fake to an extent but you couldn’t tell me that as an 6th-10th grader, ok maybe 12th grade. In the late 80’s into the 90’s Saturday I was glued to the television. Some of my favorites were Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, Rick Flair, Shawn Michaels and […]

Hype4Life Channels Prince – Baby I’m A Star


Oh, man, where do I begin?  EZ spoke true when he said I am and have been a Prince fan since I was a young’n.  You know, it hit me that it doesn’t matter how many (or few) copies you own of a particular artist’s work–If people call you with condolences when that artist is […]

Hype4Life Channels Prince


With Hype4Life, we talk about staying on our Proper Grind. Enabling. Motivating day in and day out to make today better than yesterday. One constant in my day to day is music. Music has always been a part of my day. Tom Joyner to get dressed to, sports radio for the drive to work. A […]

Start, Develop, and Finish – Sleep Well


In officiating basketball, we make many calls and no-calls on hundreds of basketball plays. We prepare to make these calls by organizing our thoughts into the start, development, and finish of every play. With the sleepRevolution Challenge, I have started analyzing my sleep habits. I have come to realize that preparation is invaluable to improve […]

One Radom Act Deserves Another!


Last Friday a much needed trip to the barbershop was in order to get a fresh cut. As I walked in, I saw a few familiar faces and I took a seat. As the conversation continued with the barber and the person sitting in the chair, it was now my turn. I sat and did […]

Insufficient Daddying, Not!


Years ago, I listened to a Bomani Jones’ sports show because he bumped Prince music and occasionally tied sports events to what he called “insufficient daddying” (ID).  On this Fathers’ Day, I thought it would be fun to talk about it. The premise: There are certain “unalienable rights” explicitly protected by “Man Law”. It is […]