Back to Basics 67 Challenge

Here we go! This time we are taking it back to the basics! Load up on lean protein, fruit, veggies and get ready to consistently work on your fitness… at least 6 out of 7 days each week! Take one day off to rest the muscles, get prepared for the next week and indulge a little extra goolosh! The goal is still the same! Average 93 points or higher to earn that A! Challenge runs October 22nd thru November 18th. Finish with an A average and win a prize! Sign up now!


Everyone starts with a score of 79 each day. Earn points for each of the daily goals below. Lose points for eating goolosh (our term for unhealthy foods). Do everything right and you earn a perfect 100 for the day! Add in the bonus points and you can earn up to 106 points on a perfectly proper and hype day! Remember the goal is to finish with an average of 93 or higher to earn that A!



Sign up for the challenge! It’s less than $1 a day to keep you motivated and focused on living the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve! Everything you need for the challenge can be found on our current challenge page. A link to this page and everything you need will be sent to you the day the challenge begins! Signup includes…

  1. Personal ID for tracking points
  2. Access to out online form for entering points.
  3. Text messaging point entry.
  4. Access to individual participant point records to conveniently view scores for accuracy.
  5. Invitation to challenge hub.
  6. Prizes.

This challenge is part of our 121 Challenge Series! A new challenge every month for ten months beginning in February!

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