Why Monday?


I am going to get right! Cut back. Get my workouts right. Eat proper. Increase the grind. Yep. Two–a-days. No eating after 7:00pm. No sodas. Sweet Tea, gone. Getting on it starting Monday. Sound familiar? I know it is should be a life-style change and not diet and squat thrusts/burpee til you puke, but sometimes […]

Keep It Simple


Good morning fam or good day or perhaps good evening, depending on when you read this! Today I come with a warning for us ALL. BE CAREFUL!! We need to be careful of ALL the information that’s pumping through our minds because we want to get lean and have fit body. We have to be […]

Food as Fuel


Every day on the way to school, my four year old son asks me questions like “Who made the earth?” “Why are the dark clouds the rain clouds?” “Can we make a baby brother and a baby sister?” Yes, the types of questions I want to attempt to answer at 7:45AM. Most of the time […]



Last year was the YOTR (Year of the Rozay). Well I had fun doing all kinds of stuff… ½ marathons , mud runs. For 2014 I need to get real – as in Rozay 2.0. No more fun. Grind and Grub. I will keep a journal of my journey as I move to become Rozay 2.0. […]

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there. There is nothing more special and meaningful than a mother’s love. Special thanks to Brooke Fortson, Tonya Chapman, and Laura Maroglou. Thank you for your time and support of all things Hype4Life. You ladies are an incredible blessing to me and so many others. Many […]

A new meaning to “Work/Life BALANCE”


On Fridays, our boy Mike Rubes runs the Terrordome workout. Every week is different, but after finding himself in the mud on one too many balance beam obstacles at the Rugged Maniac, he incorporated some balance beam work into a recent workout. Here’s what it included: 1) ¼ mile run 2) 2 laps of lunges, on […]

When Hearts Speak: KD MVP


As I was driving in this morning, I happened to flip to Mike and Mike at just the right moment. There aren’t many things more powerful and more meaningful than hearing a person’s inspiring testimony. On this morning, that testimony was framed and rooted in my two favorite things: basketball and family. For me, it […]

Get Hype With Us


Time: 7:30am Date: Saturday, May 17 Location: Title Boxing Club (2046 Renaissance Park Pl, Cary, NC 27513) Fam…. it’s about to go down! We can’t wait! Hype4Life is teaming up with Title Boxing of Cary for the workout of a lifetime! Coach JP unscripted for a 60 minute workout! All fitness levels are welcome and […]

Wrapper’s Delight


Isn’t it nice to dress up leftovers, get some lean protein, and fiber all in a “low” carb wrapped delight! Sugar Hill gang has nothing on this easy Go ahead and grab a “low” carb spinach, wheat, or Italian wrap. It doesn’t matter because we will be filling it with flava and good stuff – […]

Yoga Challenge – Day 1


Day 1 – May Yoga Challenge This is how the Hype4Life Fam does yoga!! 🙂 This came after our typical Tuesday/Thursday 20/20/20 workout (20 cardio, 20 weights, 20 boxing) – so I think we were all a little delirious and goofy at this point. The fellas showing off their form: Little pyramid action: The ladies […]