Free outdoor community boxing fitness workouts. Currently in Burlington, Mebane, Chapel Hill & Cary.

Private/small group boxing fitness. In home. On site. At one of our community locations.

Personal boxing fitness training. In home. On site. At one of our community locations.

• $40 for training + $10 for home visit – 1 to 4 people.

• $10 per person + $10 for home visit – 5 or more people.

What You Need for Workouts 

At our boxing fitness workouts you will learn how to throw basic punches using boxing gloves and catch basic punches using boxing mitts. The goal is to burn calories and have fun while doing it! All skill levels welcome. Loaner equipment provided.

• Hand/Wrist wraps. If you don’t own any, you can get them from a local sporting goods store or from us for $10. We do recommend semi elastic at 180 inches long for adults and 108 inches for children.

• Boxing gloves. If you don’t own any gloves we have some loaners. Once you are ready to get your own we are happy to help. There are lots of choices out there and sometimes a little information can go a long way.

• Boxing mitts. If you don’t own any boxing mitts we have some loaners. Same as with the gloves, once you are ready to get your own we are happy to help.

• Water. There are fountains at most of our community locations but we suggest having your own water to keep close by or in the event that fountains are broken. There are also usually public restrooms nearby our community locations.

• The loaner equipment is first come first serve, though we will try to adjust the workouts to accommodate larger groups. The loaner equipment get a little funky as well. Just a heads up.

Get Connected & Stay in the Know

Connect with us on Facebook, Meetup, via email update, text message update, or any combination of the four! All are free and keep you in the know about workouts and more!

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