High energy workouts for all ages, fitness, and boxing skill levels! The days of being intimidated by boxing workouts are over! Hype4life boxing fitness makes cardio fun while delivering a total body workout like no other! Once you get started you will not want to stop and you won’t have to! You can easily take what you learn wherever you go so your friends, family, and workout buddies can also believe the hype about boxing fitness! As you get healthy and fit, you can help others do the same!

Free Community Boxing Workouts

Join one of our free community workouts! Better yet, talk to us about getting a workout going in your community!

RTP Boxing Meetup
RTP Boxing Facebook
Triad Boxing Meetup
Triad Boxing Facebook

Personal Boxing Fitness Training

Our group workouts are great but sometimes you need a workout with a personal touch. Learn more combos, improve technique, and get pushed passed your normal limits in personal training sessions with coach JP. $40 for 60 minutes. $30 for 45 minutes. Up to 4 people per session! Contact us to set up your first session!

Small Group Workouts

Fun with friends. Birthday parties. Corporate events. When you are ready for boxing, we are ready to go! No matter the skill levels, we will get your group going and having a blast in no time. All the equipment you need is provided! Just $10 per person! Contact us to set up your event!

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