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Start, Develop, and Finish – Sleep Well

In officiating basketball, we make many calls and no-calls on hundreds of basketball plays. We prepare to make these calls by organizing our thoughts into the start, development, and finish of every play. With the sleepRevolution Challenge, I have started analyzing my sleep habits. I have come to realize that preparation is invaluable to improve my sleep, and I can apply my three-part ref process to improve on my sleep habits.

stDevFinishThe Start: There are several things that can help us fall asleep. Small electronics can emit enough light to trick the brain into wakefulness. We need to unplug from our electronics before going to bed. It is also proven that an activity like relaxation can give the brain a clear demarcation between wake and sleep, and help one fall to sleep sooner.

The Development:  This is the middle portion of the play. In sleep, this is the actual slumber, sleep, zzzz’s.  We don’t want interruptions in our sleep. One common interruption is going to the bathroom at night. If this is an issue, reduce liquids as bedtime nears.  We all sleep better if we are comfortable.  Being comfortable is a key piece to a restful night. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises that we treat our bedroom as a cave by keeping it cool, quiet, and dark. Temperature, we all have our special thermostat comfort level. Quiet, some like to sleep with the TV or radio on. Maybe, the noise helps one to fall asleep but unknowingly keeps the brain active during sleep?! Try a timer on the television. Dark, which brings me to the completion.

The Finish:For me, it is a challenge to get to bed earlier to extend sleep. I have a set  wakeup time especially on weekdays, which makes it difficult to extend sleep in the morning. However, the weekends have the potential for later wake up times, if only I wasn’t conditioned to get up at my weekday time. I have found that a dark room can help me sleep later. Curtains will block out the morning sun and can help one’s mind delay that routine wakeup time.

I guess the bottom line is that we should prepare our sleep as we prepare our other scheduled activities. When there are fouls with your sleep habits, make the right call. Your day should begin with a well-rested you. Start, develop, and finish your sleep with good preparation.

Be hype about your sleep!





Being around my kids and some of their friends for the holidays got me to thinking. As the kids were hanging out playing together, one thing quickly became apparent. They spent a lot of time focusing on the wrong things. They expected everyone else to do things their way.  They were consumed with getting the coolest Nerf gun, making the rules, and winning each game. As a result, they spent more time talking\discussing\arguing\pouting\whining than they did having fun and enjoying their time together.  After hearing this happen over and over again, I soon realized this may be a lesson that we all need to be reminded of! What better time to refocus than the beginning of a new year!

Hype fam… let’s stay connected and focused so that we can ALL WIN 2016! Let’s help one another focus on the right things! Let’s not get overly distracted with setting the rules! Let’s just get in and play the game of better health and fitness together! Let’s have fun playing and sharing our experiences! Let’s invite others to join us and follow our lead! Let’s not make it complicated! Let’s make WINNING 2016 about what we do instead of what we get in return! Translating that into something very specific that many of us struggle with… Let’s make our better health and fitness journey about becoming more consistent at making better food choices and being active/working out (what we do) instead of how many pounds we are able to lose (what we get in return)! Most of the time if you can do the right things for the right reasons long enough, you will get the right results. Here’s to a very joyous, prosperous, and hype 2016 fam!!! –jp

What’s your Tell

Have you ever watched or played poker? Players try to deceive one another. Sometimes the deception can be revealed if the player has a “tell” – a twitch, mannerism, or change that shows deception. I recently realized I have a tell of the amount of goolosh I eat.


I travel quite a bit this time of year. My time in the car often involves a meal and postgame snack. I start the season with the best of intentions and habits. Pack a lean sandwich, some fruit, carrots, maybe a protein shake. Unfortunately, bad habits, more goolosh starts to creep into the ride. Why, because it is so easy to grab that bag of chips while gasing-up the car. Because no prep time is needed on my part to grab something from Bojangles.

This brings me back to the tell. No, it is not the moving of the belt to a different hole. Not the need to inhale before putting on pants. The tell comes before all of that. For me, it was the crumbs in my car. The untidy. Bojangles fries have that delicious seasoned salt that goes everywhere. Floor mats, center console, seats. Carrot sticks, an apple, or protein shakes don’t leave the same type of mess.

When I open my car door, the state of my car is a play by play of my eating choices. A clean car means good choices. The crumbs are a forensic CSI goldmine of goolosh. They stand as a reminder that I need to clean it. I grab my vacuum and my bag of carrots and start anew.

What’s your tell?






Things happen in our lives to refocus us, remind us that we are responsible for our values, how we spend our time, the words we speak, the things we share, and even the way we think about things.

As I came to an intersection this morning, a truck coming from the other direction was waiting to turn left. As I was slowing down to stop, the driver of the truck was waving me through. When I eventually stopped, he decided to go ahead and make his left turn but I could tell he was upset and frustrated that I didn’t take him up on his offer to pass through the intersection before he turned. Initially, I took exception to how he reacted because I couldn’t pass through the intersection because my light was red. I am guessing he must have had a leading green and thought I had one too. As I started getting wound up about his reaction, I realized that he probably didn’t realize my light was red and I couldn’t pass. I quickly calmed down and started thinking about this type of situation. As we interact with people in our lives, we often have expectations as to what they should do. How they should respond. This little traffic event reminded me that it’s not about my expectations. I don’t always have the whole picture. Instead it should be about staying committed to doing what’s right in our hearts, no matter how often interactions with other challenge that. All these thoughts were then reinforced by what happened when I got to work.

Shortly after I arrive at work, an EMS truck arrives and the staff enters my building. I see coworkers taking notice as I am getting prepared for my meeting. Right before I head to my meeting my buddy tells me EMS in here for someone I know. I say a prayer and head to my meeting thinking/hoping it’s not too serious. After the meeting, I get an email from a different buddy. I come to find out CPR was involved and the statement “we just learned he has a pulse” was included! I now realize how serious this is. My mind drifts back to yesterday afternoon when I was at the gym chatting with someone who is now fighting for his life! See there are many a days that I get discouraged. My H4L grind is about encouraging people to realize the value in improved health and fitness. Many a times I fail. The people I try to reach don’t change. Their routine stays the same. Their value system stays the same. They don’t eat any better. They don’t exercise consistently. They continue to give precious minutes of their lives to things that when it boils down to it, just aren’t as important. Sometimes a part of me loses confidence when this happens and I start to wonder if this is how I should be spending my time. UNTIL… days like today remind me, it’s not about me. It’s not about those people I don’t reach. Perhaps I am just a stepping stone for them to do better down the road. Most importantly, it’s not about my gratification or the number of people I see change. It’s about not giving up and continuing to take opportunities to change lives. No matter how big or small that change is, it matters. It can be the difference, and may have already been the difference, between a normal day at the office and a fight for life in the local hospital. So, if you are rockin’ or have rocked with HYPE4LIFE, thank you for the opportunity to make a difference.

So what are we holding on to? Are we holding onto the reflections from events like those that happened today or are our hands already too full? I know as time passes on, the reflections from today’s events will fade, but I hope to hold onto them as long as I can. I can’t control how the guy at the intersection feels or what happens to my buddy today. However, I can control my emotions, my prayers, my drive to live HYPE4LIFE and my motivation to encourage YOU to do the same! Let’s do it fam!!! -jp

Find 30!


I was reading this article recently:

Small Bits of Fitness Add Up

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the business of life especially after Thanksgiving. In fact sometimes after thanksgiving it seems like the days go into hyper speed! Then add in all the Christmas parties, shopping for gifts and other holiday socials, which includes meals, meals and more meals. If left unchecked this season of Joy, Celebration and Festiveness can create a snow ball. A spiraling ball of unhealthy eating, an unchanged or increased work schedule added with limited or no time to work-out sprinkle ta with the added stress of the season or from staring at the person who took your spot at the mall you waited ten minutes for! (Fell free to ask me about this! That’s another blog on anger). It’s easy to get out of balance. Those things have their place but it should never be at the expense of your overall well-being. Remember if you’re not healthy those things don’t happen with you!

The article brings up several interesting points, but I want to discuss 2:

Never be too busy to take care of you!

Make U a priority! Find some me time to exercise, rest and play! It’s the holidays enjoy the season. Before we blink we will be in a new year. If a healthier you is important than you must make time! I am able to play and relax better when I have had time to work-out. There’s only one you, so  this season don’t stress the small stuff and at the same time don’t forget your goals, strive for balance.

Don’t skimp on the workout!

Even if it’s just 10-15 minutes. 10 minute sparks can get our heart rate up really fast. Don’t allow the business to pull you completely away from your routine you worked so hard to establish for yourself. If you can get more great if not at least get 30min in a day!


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