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In an email a little while back, one of my nieces asked “How do you stay motivated?”. Back in my heyday I was incredibly active and worked my way into pretty good shape. After two torn achilles, bouts with chronic plantar fasciitis (likely due to my very flat feet), a hip labral tear, and a continuous conversation with father time, “pretty good shape” has a different meaning BUT best believe I am still in no shortage of motivation! Coming back from major injuries like my achilles tears did push me to some low points but never has my will to keep pushing been broken. Here are some of my thoughts on why.

  1. There’s a saying I picked up while coaching. “There is no staying the same. Either your are intentionally working to be better or you are getting worse.” I want to see others work to be better in the most important areas of life. That motivates me to continue challenging myself to be better.
  2. I am a father that wants to challenge my two sons. I want them to find value in the selfless components of life. I want them to know life isn’t about making sure you get to bed on time. Instead it’s about busy days and long nights of doing the right things for the right reasons. It will take time for them to figure it out and throughout that time I have to strive to be a good example in both action and word.
  3. Being able to be active is a blessing that I don’t ever want to take for granted.
  4. I want others to know eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Eat more veggies and lean proteins and less of everything else. Drink more water and less of everything else. Starting there may still be a challenge, I know it is for me, but at the very least it eliminates the excuse of not knowing where or how to start.
  5. I am thankful for every opportunity I get to impact a life. That’s why I coach. That’s why I volunteer. That’s why I lead workouts and challenges. That’s why I blog.

There you have it! That’s my top 5! If you are looking for motivation and accountability then consider signing up for our Focus on Fitness Challenge that begins February 1st. It’s the first of our 121 Challenge series for this year. The next challenge will begin March 1st. Details will be announced very soon. If you are in the NC Triad, RTP, or surrounding areas, then consider checking out one of our community boxing workouts or setting up your own. I bet it will be a sweaty good time that you will find yourself looking forward too. Be sure to check out our hub once you decide you like how we get down! The year is still pretty new so let’s keep it proper and make it hype! -jp


Tune Out to Turn Up

I am beginning to realize that in order for me to turn up my quality of life, I have to stay committed to tuning out! Shock value reigns. The louder and more obnoxious the better. Accurate information is much less important than its ability to GRAB our attention. I have to remind myself of that and be careful not to let other people tell me how I should feel. I have to fight the urge to give in to popular public opinion and instead take time to form my own. My biggest strength should be that of discretion in both what I say and share. There are plenty of problems and challenges but there are also great pockets of harmony and joy. I now understand there is irresponsibility in not acknowledging both.

Technology very easily allows us talk and share information. With that ease can come a shift in perspective. We can find ourselves believing that talking and sharing are synonymous with taking action and caring. We begin to lose our desire to stand up for types of things that would make our parents proud. We stop striving for the higher standards we really want to live by. Our desires to stand out gets replace by the comfort and safety of fitting in. It just sort of happens and feels right, unless we focus ourselves on change. This isn’t meant to be the standard – seek a rush, face your fear, or live life on a thrill ride type of message. This is about getting back to the basics. Being responsible with our words, actions, and fighting our growing propensity to quickly point fingers. It’s a call to not let our feelings be dictated to us by others. A call to challenge the opinions of others based off our very own experiences. A challenge to be a little less sensitive and more understanding. A little less harsh and a little more forgiving. Get back to the basics of life.

So as we slide into 2018, let’s walk with diligent steps, fully focused on the real life we are experiencing! Let’s focus on how we are getting down at life! How we are are affecting those around us! How often our voice is the one of appreciation? How often our heart is filled with thankfulness? If knowledge is power, then we can’t forget knowledge of self. We can’t ignore it. If knowledge is power, then maybe, just maybe, self awareness is the charge we need to tune out and turn up our lives! Perhaps it’s the most effective fuel to keep us focused on living Hype4Life and inspiring others to do the same! -jp

Looking for tips or have some to share? Comment or send us email.

Thankful for Growth

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today many of us are thankful for many things. Our family, our lives, our Iove one’s, our health and many other countless blessings.

Today, As I walk the white sands at Destin Florida. I am thankful for my growth, personal and professional. Growth is uniquely measured. Everyone’s growth can’t be measured the same way. Our experiences, circumstances, starting point and make up could hinder/inhibit adequately comparing our growth to others. Growth is best measured individually or within the confines of a team. It’s best celebrated regardless how great or small. Growth doesn’t mean there was always success or the presence of support. It just means there was progress. From last thanksgiving to today we can say there was progress and progress must be celebrated.

When growth is celebrated regardless of size it can become:

Courage- to try again, to take more steps. To risk when previously risk wasn’t considered. This courage builds bricks against giving up.
Momentum- that creates energy for future growth. Momentum is the ingredient that supercharges our growth to greater growth.
Compassion- that reminds us of our shortcomings, inadequacies and creates empathy to assist in the growth of others.

As we are thankful today, remember, reflect and celebrate your growth and those in your circle.
Growth, yours and there’s could be the springboard to another year that your world could see how far you’ve come.

Keep grinding

‘Tis the Season – Filter Funk

Sometimes it’s just too easy to get overwhelmed by the world and get lost in other people’s dreams and goals while completely dissing your own as either frivolous or unworthy.  Sitting at the breakfast table Sunday morning, I was reading the Sunday paper. In the Cary News section, I learned about a church that had put together a simple water filtration system that they were using to help the people in Puerto Rico.  The members of the church were going down in shifts there to bring the filtration systems and help with rebuilding efforts. In another article, a 93 year old man who was an artilleryman in WWII (but really wanted to be a paratrooper instead) made his first skydive jump on Saturday. 75 years later, he fulfilled his dream of jumping out of an airplane!  Switched over to FaceBook and a friend of mine and his wife has just returned from Renosa, Mexico where they spent the week building houses for the community there. Another friend ran her 10th half-marathon of 2017.  By this point, I sighed and told the cat, “I think your Mom may be a loser”.  He just blinked and then sauntered off, evidently it was too early in the day to have this kind of conversation.

Now at this point, I considered falling off the wagon by making blueberry muffins and washing them down with Mimosas while huddled in bed. Goolash and non-activity can temporarily make me feel better about life. However, being raised Catholic, that good feeling is quickly negated by guilt and remorse. So I went to a blog posting written by JP in early July that I have bookmarked – the “Life Filter”.  And I re-read the part that always speaks to me the most.

You figure it out. Don’t get pulled down. You don’t have to desire to make a million dollars. You can start with a desire to manage your 10 dollars better. To manage your 60 minutes of free time better. To find time fuel your mind. To build your body. Decide what matters most and go. Handle your business and find out how good it feels. Feed off that energy. Focus. Seek out opportunities that you decide are appropriate and have value. July 12, 2017

I read that a couple of times then got out a pen and piece of paper.  Now, I am not a New Year’s resolution girl.  I think making vows and pledges to change patterns in the grey month of January is a simply horrible idea.  My goal is to get through late Winter still having my jeans fit and my friends speaking to me.  So I started my short term list.  What can I do within the next 2 months that will help someone else?  I am not flying to Puerto Rico to volunteer, nor do I have the motivation or know-how to start some non-profit that will bring vaccines to children in third world countries.  Basically I don’t have the desire to make a million dollars but I have the urge to manage my ten dollars betterCaring House in Durham, which provides patients at Duke Cancer Institute affordable housing, needs some basic supplies like toilet paper, coffee, and trash bags.  I can do that – I had to go to the grocery store anyway.   Salvation Army sponsors Angels, underprivileged children who might not have a Christmas in ordinary circumstances but you know what?  They need new toys to stock in their Christmas store so parents can come in and select a brand new toy to give to their child Christmas morning.  So instead of going out to eat next week, I will take that money and buy a toy to donate instead. I started to perk up.  And first thing on Monday, I will send out emails to my coworkers and tell them if they would like to donate some money, I will go out next weekend and buy some toys that will be from all of us. This will work out well as my better half reminded me that I had already signed us up to sponsor 2 Angels and we needed to go shopping anyway.  Right!  See, I had volunteered to help but had forgotten about it in my funk. Then in came a text from a lady who I took some long training walks with in order to help her with her half marathon training – it was the 2nd one she had ever done.  She finished walking 13.1 miles in 4 hours!  She was so excited and wanted to thank me for my help and encouragement.  That’s when I realized that I was handling my business and finding out how good it feels. I was feeding off that energy. I was seeking out opportunities that I decide are appropriate and have value. So no, I will probably never be written up in the paper for my good deeds or altruistic nature. But that doesn’t matter if in the here and now, I am doing something for others.  Because knowing that makes me feel better about life and where I am headed.


Life Filter Challenge Final Week

Here’s a recap of the final week of the challenge! Round two is just around the corner! A great way to get in a good place heading into the holidays!

Comments from Challenge Participants (I included a few more than usual since it’s the last week)

“Happy to say my goolash was two alcoholic drinks….celebrating with a friend.”

“text:first 17 days of bliss +629 -34”

“Best day yet!! I think because I jumped up and did a 3 mile walk/ run. It cleared the brain fog put me in a place of peace and joy. Early mornings and nature make me happy! HELLO this 52 year old ran😳.”

“Is one square of dark chocolate really goolosh😜?”

“Did not have a super healthy dinner because it was such a busy day. Had to deal with difficult people at work but tried to keep it as positive as possible!”

“Woke up grumpy for some reason and drug myself out for my walk. Walking and listening to P!nk changed my day.”

“Finally goolosh free! Yay! 🎉”

“I had a great day mentally… but extra goolash bc i had a diet soda while getting a pedicure which was better than wine or regular soda, a few chips but not all of them, and a small slice of pizza…and a little candy while watching a movie…but I felt positive all day and know I made hard decisions! Keep grinding!”
“Exhausting day ….ended it with late night goolosh of cereal, ice cream 🍦 and cookies 🍪 😳”

“Thanks for the challenge. Definitely had me thinking before posting/commenting!”

“We got up and decided to help our son move and got so busy I realized I didn’t drink enough water. We were pleasantly tired but didn’t want to cook dinner 😳, frozen pizza night. It was all enjoyable but not how I plannned to end the challenge. I really enjoyed this one!”

“text:final four days of bliss +112 -8”

JP’s Daily Thoughts

Day 15. How important is hydration? What do you think? I think it’s kind of a big deal and affects my appetite. This weekend was a good example. I got behind on my water, stayed hungry, and consumed more goolosh than I would have liked. On the flip side, this is my third year building a trebuchet with the kiddos school STEAM club and we are getting better!

Day 16. So I walk into the locker room at the gym and two guys are having a conversation about something on TV and the first thing I hear is… “We are all racists. You. Me. That guy over there (meaning me)…”. There are lots of ways this could have played out. Immediately I wanted to say how much I disagree but after thinking about it, I didn’t feel that to be the time or the place so I shook it off and went on about my business. I didn’t let it affect my workout or the rest of my day. The only things that linger are a curiosity about why he feels that way and hope that things will happen in his life to change his mind.

Day 17. Is it getting easier to filter out some of the distractions and noise? Are you becoming aware of how you are getting down at life… figuring out what things you want to change? Change is constant. That means either you are improving or slipping. It’s easy to slip. Some work and intention are required just to keep from slipping and maintain. Progress happens when that work and intention are steady and constant.

Day 18. Only 4 days to go! Isn’t it really all about being able to focus our motivations and make subtle distinctions? Are we trying to be right or get it right? One of the two requires a desire to understand and appreciate the other is usually backed by a desire for self gratification. For most of us, one is more instinctive than the other. That doesn’t make it right… it makes it a habit.

Day 19. Friday 13th!!! A reminder to think things through but don’t hold things in. Think things through to figure out what you need to say and then deliver it to the right people. Now that pertains to the business of your life. If it’s not about your life then the fight becomes to stay out as much as you can. When you do chime in, it’s just your opinion. They will do with it what they please… even when it seems completely obvious to you.

Stay hydrated. Keep it the diet proper. Live hype with a little more discretion, filtering, and focus in ya life!

Day 20! Don’t forget to enter your points plus share the good, the bad, the ugly, and your plans after the challenge. Also any comments, suggestions, or feedback are much appreciated. Today I found out one person has lost 7 pounds… even though it wasn’t me, that’s music to my ears! Keep it proper and hype fam!

Day 21. Yesterday I spent the afternoon fixing the seat in my mom’s car. It had gotten stuck in the forward position. I ended up taking the seat out. I was able to use a ratchet for the rear bolts. I was able to use an adjustable wrench for one of the front bolts. I tried using the adjustable wrench for the other bolt but was worried it would strip it. I had every wrench in the old toolbox except the 9/16, which was what was required. I asked my mom’s neighbor, he said he didn’t have one. After that I gave the adjustable one more try but it didn’t feel right. So I slid to the store and grabbed the 9/16. Once I got the wrench that was required, the last bolt came out easily and I was able to eventually fix the seat. So what’s the point to all this… First we have to be able discern what is required and then we have to make sure we get what we need. Sometimes you can get away with what we can find and other times we have to go out of our way to get exactly what we need. Thanks for rockin’ with us for another challenge! Will announce winners and let you know about shirts on Wednesday.

Life Filter Challenge Week 2

Here’s a recap of week two of the challenge! One week to go!

Comments from Challenge Participants (typos and all)

Not my best food day…but football and friends made it worth it!

Thankful for time to catch up on my sleep!

As I walked around Target picking up a ton of different sweet items, I thought about how good they would taste and then thought about how bad it would make me feel. I was feeling in a slump and just wanted to eat junk but thanks to you guys I thought about how many things I have to be thankful about. So I walked away from the bad choices…..had a tiny piece of candy and called it a night!

Whoop whoop, didn’t realize I had a goolosh free day. Turned on P!nk and danced the house clean. The day would have been stellar until a family member was venting about their spouse and my filter turned off. Good news is I realized it and am more aware. Mom’s can’t fix everything.

JP’s Daily Thoughts

Day 8. What do you do on days like this? When the first thing you hear when you get in the car are reports about a shooting killing at least 50 people. I think you give it it’s due time, thought, and prayer. Then you start figuring out what you can draw from it as you empathize with those dealing with the hurt, pain, and loss. For me, it’s a reminder to keep the little things in perspective. Having a place to live, food to eat, healthy family/friends, and opportunities to make a difference… that’s plenty to be joyful about and thankful for… not only in word but in how I get down at life.

Day 9. Tolerate the bad days. Make the good days great. Appreciate the great days and draw from them during the bad ones.

Day 10. The halfway-ish point. Usually when you know if you are getting stronger in your commitment or giving yourself a pass to revert back to normal. Remember that change is not an all or nothing proposition and how you contend with challenges often sets the example for someone else. Your words usually matter more to those who know of you while actions matter more to those who know you best and look to you for inspiration.

Day 11. On the other side of halfway! Today’s thought… rebound and dunk well! Translation…. On the days where things get off to a rough start, make sure you rebound well. On days when you get off to a great start, make sure you finish the day with a slam dunk. Make bad better and good great!

Day 12. The second weekend! When you are out and about this weekend, take some time to listen to how life is happening around you. What types of things are people saying? Especially listen out for what I like to call the “qualifier cover”. It goes a little something like this… “I know I shouldn’t complain but…” or “I usually don’t talk about other people but…” THEN think about the verbal wordplay that you put on display and see where you fall… where you can improve. Words do matter ladies & gents. Perhaps more now than ever. Focus up. Speak with discretion. Keep that filter on proper!

Day 13. (A little late. Poor planning perhaps.) We have to be hungry for higher standards of joy and thankfulness and then we gotsta eat…at exactly that in which we are developing a stronger taste for. We are working to become picky eaters… focused on a diet built on hype fuel!

Day 14. What do things do you care about most? If we look at how you spend your time, would it match? A little food for thought going into the last week of the challenge… and no this is not goolosh! 

Life Filter Challenge Week 1

I have come to believe Hype4Life challenges are a lot like…

a) A good pair of new shoes. You can get by with the shoes you have but once you rock a new pair, you quickly realize how big a difference they make!

b) Some great fitting Spanx. They most definitely get the job done but can be a little uncomfortable and involve too much work getting off and on.

c) A trip to the dentist. You never want to go but when you finally do, you are glad you did because you feel so much better afterwards.

I have to go with “a) A good pair of new shoes.” because I don’t have any personal experience with Spanx and dentist appointments are never fun!

I thought it would be a good idea to provide weekly recaps of the current Life Filter Plus challenge. This way those unfamiliar with our challenges can get an idea of how we get down! Check out the participant comments and my daily thoughts from week 1!

Comments from Challenge Participants

“We turned off the tv. Built a fire in the chiminia on the dock and watched the stars. It was a beautiful peaceful evening.”

“Tough day of moving with lots of unexpected setbacks…I tried hard to keep things positive.”

“I almost spoke negative about someone but rethought it and said nothing, kept it moving…have to remind myself that I don’t know what battles people are going through and being negative is only affecting my joy!”

“I was happy with my water intake and being attentive to my words and aware of my thought before I speak. I wasn’t drawn into conversations that where not positive.”

“Very positive day. We accomplished a lot! Girl power!!!”

JP’s Daily Thoughts

DAY 1 – Today our challenge begins. A challenge to really focus on how we get down at life and how we intend to influence those close to us. A challenge to filter out the constant noise around us. A challenge to perhaps bite our tongues and don’t hit send as often. All the while, working on our diet, sleep, and fitness with the ultimate goal of thriving in our daily pursuits. Start today with your main goals for the challenge. Define your higher standard. Share them with someone to give them life. -jp

DAY 2 – To me the key is intention. Life has a way of just happening if we don’t live with intention. Take an average day. Is it spent giving time and energy to improving, helping, inspiriting, uplifting or just doing what we do? Simple changes can be meaningful. For example, instead of just sharing a post like this, send it to someone specifically. Just that little bit of discretion can make your intentions more meaningful. -jp

DAY 3 – Is the challenge making a difference for you? When it comes to the big three (focus/discretion/filtering)… the goal isn’t to sit back and never say a word. It’s to think it through, make sure it’s worth saying, and deliver it to the right audience. What we think is right is almost always relative and very often mistakenly applied as truth in someone else’s life. Oh snap… maybe little deeper than usual today. Must be the allergy meds! Keep it proper and hype fam! -jp

DAY 4 – When it comes to opinions, most everyone has one and it’s usually the result of their life experiences. I have found that personal growth is a result of trying to understand others opinions. The counter to that is trying to convince others to see it my way, usually not as productive. The intent and delivery are often more important than what is being delivered. This is not revolutionary thinking by any means. The revolution begins when we commit to putting it into practice.

DAY 5 – “That’s what evil needs… good people to be quiet.” This quote struck a cord when I heard it on NPR this morning so I wanted to share with hopes that you will absorb it. Really absorb it into how you get down at life and keep the focus there. My hope is that we can fight the urges to shift the narrative to how other entities are failing and focus on how we can make good a little louder in our life experiences. Sometimes that’s smelling the roses and other times that’s not being pulled into the… -jp

DAY 6 – Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for your progress, evaluate your week, and plan for the week ahead. That doesn’t mean meal prep by default. Its meant to try to get ahead of whats coming so you can make the most of your time and circumstances.

DAY 7 – One week practically in the books! Hope it’s going well! Keep the comments coming when you enter points! I always enjoy reading them! Piggy back rides for the kids at church this morning! Much more exhausting than I expected! How creative have you gotten for some of your points?

I am really enjoying this challenge, so much so that I think I am going to run it again in November! It will be a great way to get prepared for the holiday season! Check out the take the challenge page to learn more and signup to join us!