Current Challenge

Everything you need for the challenge! Remember this is a challenge! It may not always be easy but when you stick with it you will learn a lot about your habits and areas you feel good about changing! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! Still need to signup up? Have friends that want to signup? We go you covered! Join the Challenge!

Your ID. This is used to keep track of your points during the challenge! Your ID was sent to you via email or text message. No worries if you can’t find it. Let us know and we will be happy to send it to you. You can also click here to have it emailed to you or text “ID” to 919-230-2788 to have it sent to you via text message at any time.

Enter Points. Submit your points online or via text message to 919-230-2788. Be sure to use “+” for proper points/grade and “-” goolosh points. Grade example“Did well today! Give me my A! +93” or simply “+93”. Points example: “Had a great workout +6 but also had a great desert -2” or you could simply submit “+6 -2”. For the best results be enter your points right before bed or first thing in the morning each day!

Leader Board. The leader board ranks everyone by total score. It is updated as points are entered (sometimes it takes a few minutes). My ID is 20 if you want to keep tabs on me!

View Your Entries. We keep a list of just your entries in case you get off track! You can have a link to your entries emailed to you at anytime. The same link is used throughout the entire challenge.

Goolosh. Here’s our goolosh list to help you get started with yours: