Question 7 on the point entry form “Did you keep it proper & hype today? Other comments?” Check out these week 1 responses!

Easing into the no goolosh thing 😬😬
No Girl Scout cookies suck
You better believe it !!
Failed to exercise
Thanks for the boxing!
Ish… proper ish
Congrats to the Eagles 🦅
decent for the super bowl
Super bowl no!!!!
Goolosh super bowl
Yeah finally had a good day!
Still looking for a gooloshfree day😬
hanging in there
It’s a sad time when you’re sick during a fitness challenge 🙁
Girl Scout cookies ugh
struggled a little
Someone made gluten free brownies. 😳Nuff said 😋
I took a day off from exercise but I wish I ate cleaner today! But I really wanted junk and stayed away.

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