Updating Scores. Remember the scores are reset weekly for this challenge and you will get credited with a win or loss based on how your score compares to your opponents. With that in mind, please plan to get all your entries for the week in by Sunday. Winners will be determined, records will be updated, and data will be reset on Monday. All that information can be viewed here: This link is also listed on the current challenge page:

Team Bonus for Sunday. Though we are not tracking exercise, water, and goolosh on Sundays, we are still doing a team bonus pick for Sundays games. If you earn the team bonus for you Sunday pick, include it with your score on the Monday after. So you picked a winner yesterday, then include the bonus points in your score for today.

Daily Matchup Scores. I will start updating the scores on the matchup page each day so you can see how you compare to your opponent. I will post to the challenge facebook group ( the scores have been updated. The leaderboard will still be available for live scoring updates.

I eeked out a 3 point victory in week 1! Good luck to ya fam! -jp

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