Daily Goal Challenge!

April Challenge! Can you PASS 16 out of 21 days?

Challenge runs April 1st thru the 21st! This time we are giving you one set of goals to meet each day of the challenge for the entire challenge! If you meet ALL the goals then you PASS that day. If you don’t then you FAIL that day. The challenge runs 21 days. If you PASS 16 of the 21 days then you earn a prize! Sign up for the challenge!




Sign up for the challenge! It’s just $1 a day to keep you motivated and focused on livings the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve! Signup includes…

  1. Online form for entering points/grades.
  2. Text messaging point/grade entry.
  3. Access to individual participant point/grade records to conveniently view scores for accuracy.
  4. Invitation to private challenge hub.
  5. Prizes.

This challenge is part of our 121 Challenge Series! A new challenge every month for ten months beginning in February! Challenges will start on the 1st and run 21 days!

New to our challenges? Here’s everything you need to know! Interested in hosting a private challenge? Click here to get started!

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