Getting Started

Welcome to the Hype4Life Sleep Revolution Challenge! THIS IS A CHALLENGE!!! We will get out of it what we put into it!


Registration. Process your fee to complete your registration if you haven’t already:

Your ID. This is used to keep track of your entries during the challenge! Your ID was sent to you via email or text message. No worries if you can’t find it. Let us know and we will be happy to send it to you. You can also click here to have it emailed to you or text “ID” to 919-230-2788 to have it sent to you via text message at any time.

Enter Points. Submit your points online at or via text message to 919-230-2788. Be sure to use “+” for proper points and “-” goolosh points. For example “Had a great workout +6 but also had a great desert -2” or you could simply submit “+6 -2”. Whether you use the form or text you can enter points  multiple times throughout the day, once daily, or even weekly… though we prefer daily to keep the rankings up to date.

View Your Entries. We keep a list of just your entries in case you get off track! You can have a link to just your entries emailed to you at anytime. The same link is used throughout the entire challenge:

Leader Board. The leader board ranks everyone by total score. It is updated as points are entered (sometimes it takes a few minutes). View it anytime here: My ID is 20 if you want to keep tabs on me!

Challenge Points. The point breakdown for this challenge can be viewed here:

Goolosh. Here’s our goolosh list to help you get started with yours:

STAY CONNECTED WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! We have lots of social media outlets. Pick the ones that work for you!

Join the Sleep Revolution Challenge group for scoring updates, tips, and special bonuses!

Join the Hype4Life group for workout ideas, nutrition tips, hightlights of our workouts, and motivational posts!

Join our RTP boxing workouts group for free outdoor boxing workouts (currently in Cary)!

Join our Alamance county boxing workouts group for free outdoor boxing workouts (currently in Mebane)!

Like our Facebook page and start checking in at Hype4Life when you are feeling hype!

For your convenience all the links referenced on this page are here are listed on the current challenge page. Bookmark it and you should be good to go! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions at anytime. We are here to help! Here’s to getting on your proper grind & staying there fam! -jp



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