GOOLOSH is the term we use to talk about unhealthy foods. We take a very practical approach to developing healthy eating habits. There is lots of information out there about what’s healthy and what’s not. It can get overwhelming and complicated. That’s why we try to keep it simple. Create goolosh list that fits your goals and then stick with it! Don’t change it! If clean eating is your goal, then make everything but clean foods goolosh. If you are just getting started or want a different healthy balance then consider beginning with our “goolosh all the way” list. It’s a good starting point. Then review “next level goolosh” list to see what other foods you want to reduce/remove from you diet. Whatever you do, be creative and find what fits your goals and lifestyle! Don’t try to copy anyone else! That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from others. You can and you should. What you don’t want to do is get discourage because you are doing the same thing as someone else and not getting the same results! FIND YOUR WAY AND DON’T QUIT!


Some examples of foods/drinks that we think everyone should try to avoid as much as possible. Remember, it’s okay to have some goolosh every once in a while but less is better.


There are many opinions on what is healthy and what is not. We don’t pretend to be the experts and we strive to keep it simple. Less sugar. Less carbs. Less fatty foods. These are all good things but each one of us can tolerate different amounts and have different cravings. We have to find our own way. If your goal is a strict/clean diet, then most, if not all, of these foods will be goolosh for you. Set reasonable goals to help you progress towards a healthier lifestyle. Most people quit when they try to change too much too fast. Hit us up if you needs suggestions/tips on how to start!

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