Grade A Challenge

May Challenge! Can you earn an “A”?

What if you were graded on your health and fitness for 21 days? Would you pass with flying colors? This time we are GRADING you based on a single set of daily GOALS for the entire challenge! Earn a PRIZE if your final average is 93 or higher! What’s the significance of 93? That’s the lowest score you can have to earn an “A” using a 7 point grading scale! I think we all know a 10 point grading scale would be way to easy! Challenge runs May 1st thru the 21st!¬†Sign up now!


Everyone starts with a score of 51 each day. 7 points are added for each of the 7 daily goals below. If you complete them all then you earn a perfect 100 for the day! Each one you miss drops you down 7 points!

  • exercise 45 minutes or more
  • stretch 10 minutes or more (in addition to exercise time)
  • core/abs work for 5 minutes or more (in addition to exercise)
  • drink 64 or more ounces of water
  • eat two meals/snacks that contain lean protein
  • eat two meals/snacks that include healthy fruit or veggies
  • eat no more than 2 servings of goolosh (our term for unhealthy foods)


  • $10 Amazon gift card
  • $10 off boxing gear
  • 1/2 off group training session
  • 1/2 off personal training session
  • free set of hand/wrist wraps
  • free Hype4Life towel
  • free Hype4Life cap
  • free Hype4Life shirt/tank (limited supply)


Sign up for the challenge! It’s just $1 a day to keep you motivated and focused on livings the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve! Everything you need for the challenge can be found on our current challenge page. A link to this page and everything you need will be sent to you the day the challenge begins! Signup includes…

  1. Personal ID for tracking points
  2. Access to out online form for entering points.
  3. Text messaging point entry.
  4. Access to individual participant point records to conveniently view scores for accuracy.
  5. Invitation to challenge hub.
  6. Prizes.

This challenge is part of our 121 Challenge Series! A new challenge every month for ten months beginning in February! Challenges will start on the 1st and run 21 days!

New to our challenges? Here’s everything you need to know!¬†Interested in hosting a private challenge? Click here to get started!

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