Host a Challenge

DURATION OF CHALLENGE is completely up to you. We recommend 4 to 8 weeks.

SIGNUP & ID. We can provide a signup form or you can simply provide us with a list of emails and/or phone numbers. Each participant is given a unique ID number. This allows us to keep track of their points without revealing their personal information. They can share their ID with friends or keep it completely private.  

POINT SYSTEM. We use a very simple point system that promotes daily exercise, healthy food choices, hydration, and rest to recharge. Points are accumulated throughout the challenge. Point system can be customized to fit your needs. Categories, point interval, and MAX points are all customizable. Examples below. The bold categories are the ones we use most often. Note that protein, fruit, and veggies are per meal/snack NOT per serving. We don’t want anyone eating extra servings to earn points. The goal is to fuel our bodies better with our meals and snacks.

LEADER BOARD. A leader board is available so participants can see how they stack up to everyone else. This taps into their competitiveness. The leader board is updated live, as each participant enters points. Participants can opt out of the leader board as well.

ID DATA SHEET. Each participant has access to a spreadsheet with just their data\points. This data helps participants keep up with their points and very simple analysis of the data can provide feedback for areas that need improvement and areas of success.

ENTERING POINTS. Points can be entered two ways. Using our online form or via text message. Please note some data analysis is very limited when text messaging is used.

THIS IS NOT tracking calories or a food based point system. It’s much simpler than that. It’s more like a daily checklist setup for your workout community that leverages competitive spirit and comradery for genuine motivation and inspiration.


CONVENIENCE. We take care of all the legwork and make it easy for you and your members to get the most out of the challenge experience.

EXPERIENCE. We have experience hosting challenges in our hype4life community. We aren’t a copycat. We work to find creative ways to foster an environment where motivation is high and participants have fun as they develop better lifestyle habits.

RESULTS. We are changing habits and changing lives. During our last Sleep Revolution challenge we found that the top group of finishers slept 7.05 hours and consumed 1.42 servings of unhealthy foods on average each day. The bottom group wasn’t far behind with 6.78 hours of sleep and 1.9 servings of unhealthy foods on average each day! The coolest number of all… challenge participants averaged 6.92 hours of sleep daily!

FREE BOXING WORKOUTS. Boxing workouts are what we do and we will be more than happy to host a boxing workout for your members. Your members will also learn about our free boxing workouts which can be a great supplement to an existing routine or help some get started.

ONLINE ACCESS. Everything is online which makes it very easy for members to get friends involved. Friends that they will likely bring to your facility.

WORD OF MOUTH. There is nothing more powerful than a success story. Your members success will point straight back to you and your business/group.

PRIZES. We can set up a prize raffle for those who complete or do well in the challenge. A free month at the gym or a shirt can be great motivation. We can throw in a shirt or some boxing gear as well.

CUSTOMIZABLE. We can set the challenge up however you like. You can do individuals, teams, or even challenge another gym. No matter what you decide, we take care of all the leg work.

COMMUNITY. We are using what we do to bring people together. Free workouts draw people in. Aligning with groups and establishments like yours allows for more connections. Fitness is a great gateway, but Hype4Life in its rawest form is simply about brotherly love and appreciation for one another.


$10 per person a week. 6 person minimum. Pricing includes.

  1. Online access to complete challenge details customized for you.

  2. Online signup and payment collection or you can collect payments and email addresses.

  3. Participant IDs for the challenge and access to ID request tool in case someone forgets their ID.

  4. Online form for point tracking.

  5. Live challenge leaderboard with rankings listed by ID.

  6. Access to individual participant point record sheet to conveniently view scores for accuracy.

  7. Invitation to private challenge group.

  8. Prize raffle. Everyone who reaches a certain point level will be entered into prize raffles. We will be happy to include a few shirts, boxing gear, or Amazon gift card prizes.

  9. Group boxing training session for challenge participants.

Ready to host a challenge? Thinking about it? Great! Email us to get started or ask questions today! Don’t worry about having all the details worked out. That’s what we are here for. Just let us know you are interested and we will get you going in no time!

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