When we commit to making ourselves better, the benefits extend far beyond ourselves. Hype4Life is about taking on the challenge of that commitment. Joyfully. Thankfully. Relentlessly.”  jp, cofounder & president

We are Joel “JP” Alston, Daniel “Rev” Blackmond, Jeff “Rozay” Hinzman, and Erick “EZ” Benson. Four individuals with a passion for people and the pursuit of active healthy lifestyles. An active healthy lifestyle can be many things. Individually everyone has their own definition , their own goals. We believe the pursuit begins with proper hydration, nutrition, exercise, and rest to recharge.

What is proper? It is correct, achievable, and maintainable. It is not perfect. We are not perfect. However, we are all willing to grind for proper. We help one another with the grind through our blogs, social media interactions, old school communications, workouts, and our online challenges. With the challenges, we pair accountability, competitive spirit,
and motivation with a lot of fun.

The pursuit, the grind, is enjoyable moments. It is committing and sweating to your results. Results are measured in your balances – weight, % body fat, lower A1C, better hook jab combo, better vertical leap, better stamina playing with your children, or less exhaustion walking your house stairs. We believe you deserve those results. We are geared up to help you along the way.

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