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A new challenge every month for ten months beginning in February! Challenges will start on the 1st and run 21 days!

March Challenge! REP YOUR TEAM! Live in the madness! 

Don’t just be a fan during March madness this year! Step up and rep your favorite team! Here’s how it works…

  1. Sign up for the challenge using this link!
  2. The day the challenge begins we will send your ID along with a link to enter your favorite team (college or universities only)! Your team does NOT have to be in the field of 72 to participate!
  3. Enter points daily using your ID.
  4. As your points are entered they will be added to the total for your team!
  5. The team that piles up the most points wins the challenge!
  6. There is no limit to the number of people that can support a single team!

Since teams will likely be different sizes, we will calculate adjusted scores for smaller teams. For example. The Wolfpack team has 100 players and the Tarheel team has 50 players. 100 / 50 = 2. So the score for the UNC team would be multiplied by 2. If there were a third team, say the Blue Devils with 40 players… 100 / 40 = 2.5. So the score for the Blue Devils team would be multiplied by 2.5.

In the event of a tie at the end of the challenge, the tie will be broken using bonus points, followed by goolosh, fruit/veggies, protein, water, and finally exercise.


We are doing something a little different with goolosh! You only get penalized for every other serving you eat this time around! That means you get to indulge a little bit everyday! 1 serving equals no penalty. Two servings equals -1. Three servings equals -1. Four servings equals -2. Five servings equals -2. Six servings equals -3… and so on! I think this is going to be a really fun change! Let us know what you think!


The team with the most points can chose from the following prizes!


$21 to join! That’s just $1 a day to keep you motivated and focused on livings the active lifestyle you deserve!Click this link to signup! Signup includes…

  1. Online form for entering points.
  2. Text messaging point entry.
  3. Live challenge leader board.
  4. Option to opt out of the leader board rankings.
  5. Access to individual participant point record sheet to conveniently view scores for accuracy.
  6. Invitation to private challenge group.
  7. Prizes.

New to our challenges? Here’s everything you need to know! Interested in hosting a private challenge? Click here to get started!

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