Below is an email detailing my very crazy AM commute on May 2, 2012! A day I will never forget, and I am sure many of my friends won’t either! I still get nervous if I leave the windows down!



Since my morning was a bit more exciting than normal, I thought I would share.

The alarm went off as usual. I got myself together as usual. Jumped in the car as usual. Made that first right turn. Followed by another right turn to leave the subdivision. Then came the usual left. Now I am on highway 54 and I make the usual right to cut through to highway 119. THIS is when things got a bit crazy! As I was driving, I felt a peculiar pity pat rhythm on my right shoulder. At this point, I had to take a quick glance to see what might be causing this very unexpected shoulder rhythm. As I turn my head, I see two little eyes and a tail! All of a sudden, all the testosterone in my body instantly evaporated, and I start the ole “scream and swipe” with the frantic “road to shoulder, shoulder to road head swivel”! I am screaming, swerving, and swiping!! The car has 2 wheels on the road and two wheels off. I am freaking out! Pushing break, clutch, gas, all at the same time! On about the third shoulder to road swivel, I notice I am coming up on a brick mailbox/driveway column! Thank goodness I have watched Talladega Nights several times, because I channeled my inner Ricky Bobby and slid the ole Civic back onto the asphalt! After a quick “thank you” to sweet Baby Jesus, I was able to get the car stopped at the stop sign up ahead.

So, now I have the problem of getting my 4 legged passenger out of my car! I jump out of the car. Pace back and forth for a few… you know like I right before you are about to choke one of your kids or get in a fight. My next move was to take everything out of the car, to try and prevent my little mouse friend from coming with me to work! I open all the doors. Take everything out car and begin searching for Remy (Ratatouille reference). I see him curled up under the passenger seat. So I grab my umbrella and start jabbing at him. He doesn’t come out. Even worse, I now have no idea where he is! Sweet goodness! Yet another problem! I look all over the car. I don’t see him. I didn’t see him go out of the car either. At this point, all I know is, I am not driving Remy around on the highway. After checking a little while longer, I decide to jump in the car and drive to my parents to borrow their car. They live about 10 minutes away from where I was. So I take off, on pins and needles of course! Swiping at every prick I feel on my body. Getting upset at cars turning in front of me! Finally I arrive! I jump out of the car. Grab my stuff and begin a knock, knock, knocking on my parents door. I tell them my story. Listen to my mom laugh at me for a few. Load up their car with my stuff and roll out!

Hopefully tomorrow I can report the mouse was found and taken care of. We shall see what happens!

Moral of the story. Don’t leave your windows down when your wife has mentioned she thought we had a “little friend” in the garage!!

Later on!

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